Reapers ‘s Footsteps


Did I miss something in regard to Reaper’s footsteps? They are almost nonexistent nowadays and I have a very expensive set of headphones. Besides doom and hog, I thought his were the loudest.


This has been on bug report for a while. Many have noticed it. I saw some vids on it as well. Very annoying as a support player…


There’s a megathread on missing/undiscernible audio issues in the bug forum :

Add your voice to keep the thread up top where the devs can keep seeing it.


This has been happening for a while now, except he wasnt played as much.
Idk what the deal is, but for a while now Im more likely hearing his grunting voice lines than his foot steps.


I did encounter a silent-stepped Reaper recently. I figured it was a one-time bug or some kind of positional exploit he found (he was walking in kind of an unusual location), but maybe it’s more widespread than I realized.

Brigitte had silent footsteps for several months after her release, which was pretty nasty, since she could assassinate anyone before they knew she was there. It seems to work about as well for Reaper.