Reaper needs some buffs – Here are some balance ideas to make him more viable


I see what you’re saying, but Reaper is supposed to be a big counter to tanks. He deals massive damage up close, but he’s really weak against heroes who aren’t tanks due to their smaller hitboxes, making it more difficult to deal a lot of damage, even if he hits all his shots.


I don’t think he is supposed to be a counter to tanks really, before they gave him lifesteal he was subjected to soul collecting in order to get his health back, back then his tank fighting skills were zero… this identity came forth once they added the lifesteal because naturally tanks cannot outdamage him so it made him naturally good against them but never a direct counter, that’s why Reaper can handle a 1v1 against a tank but on a 2v1 he evaporates

The smaller hitbox thing I can understand though this is probably related to his effective range which is almost melee… Reaper is a very difficult design exercise but I think he can be made better without necessarily pushing an unhealthy anti-tank meta


I think the Barrier Buster would be better suited to Bastion. Reaper is definitely a tank buster, but I think he should also be thought as a flanker. Buffing Shadowstep is definitely the way to go, alongside making sure his primary is up to par.

I’d give him a secondary fire (ability on cooldown) that spits out a smoke grenade. It’d help him as a flanker by either covering his escapes or making it easier to initiate fights


Reaper has always been supposed to be a tank-shredder due to his close-range shotguns that are easier to deal damage with against enemies with big hitboxes (i.e., tanks).

To quote myself:


I agree.
You said it all. All Reaper needs to be more viable.


Let reaper walk on walls and ceiling, and let him teleport to walls and ceiling as well, lol.

Imagine a room with high ceilings, players have issue looking up, so let reaper camp above their head, lmao.


I don’t know, sound a bit broken to be honest.


This, a buff to SS and an alternate fire is what Reaper needs. Pretty much.


Imagine if it was implemented, give Reaper a Bat suit/skin and you will see every reaper mains in the game pretending to be Batman, lmao.


But saying “I am Batman” doens’t help Reaper


I agree, definitely a Shadowstep buff


I killed the thread…


I think he should have a secondary 50 damage hitscan pistol with like a 15 sec cooldown or something like that cuz Its frustrating when you’ve almost killed someone and they get their abilities and just leave your efective range. Just something to help with that.


I disagree. Reaper is a close-range hero. He would be too powerful if he also had a viable long-range weapon or damage ability.

Reaper’s biggest problems are Shadow Step and his spread, not his damage or the fact that he’s a close-range hero.


Well, than should at least his ONE way to do damage be viable.
And since he is close-range he should have a useful ability to get in range and not his slow Shadow-Step.


On the PTR right now, Reaper’s spread randomization has been reduced by 50% (exactly like I suggested), and The Reaping’s healing has been increased by 10% (I suggested an increase by 5%).

I’m so glad that they made these changes, but I am disappointed that they didn’t make any changes to Shadow Step.


I just want shadow step to be not useless


Reaper is suppose to a tank buster. So here’s an idea for secondary fire.

Biodegeneration Rounds: Reaper embues his ammo with his own biogeneration afftion, damage dealt from shotguns cannot be healed for 1.5 seconds, refreshes with each shot. Also barriers (Rein’s shield, Winston’s bubbles) are dealt extra damage and damage bypasses special barriers ( like Zarya’s bubbles, Dva’s matrix)



That would make him broken and OP. Especially if you aren’t a tank.


why not have Reaper’s E ability make you take twice the dmg for a second, invulnerability for the next second then normal damage for half a second (that is if his cast time is the same preferably it would be 2 seconds and half the time 2x dmg and the other half invulnerable) . So reaper can use this ability for mobility but also during team fights. Wraith around a corner and teleport somewhere else while the enemy is chasing you so the 2x dmg time is mostly waisted.