Reaper needs more versatility in his kit

Seriously, Reaper has exactly three abilities, not counting his Ultimate, two of them are movement powers, and one is Shotgun. Compare that to Generic Shoo–er–Soldier 76 who has RIfle, Missiles, Healing Station, and Run. Reaper needs more stuff in his kit, with more versatility.

Also fix or remove Shadow Step, it’s trash.

Hate to say it but Geoff confirmed today SS isn’t getting better soon.

Yeah I don’t understand why they didn’t try to make Reaper harder. Just making him more powerful is an odd solution

to be fair tracer and winston also have three abilites too and reaper has a passive while they don’t. not saying reaper doesn’t suck but just wanted to point it out.

Tracer at least has more versatility. As does Winston.

what do you mean by that?

Winston has Jump, Shield, Cone Weapon. Three things he can use in combat. Shield is the only none damage.

Tracer has 3 use teleport, a rewind that heals and reloads, and shoot. So, while Rewind is a movement ability it’s primarily used for it’s healing and disengage capabilities. (Also Tracer is more designed around flanking, oppose to Reaper who is more frontline tank killing.)

I guess being nearly invulnerable now isn’t an ability.

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It’s not, and it was unnecessary. They wouldn’t need to buff his life steal if he had a more diverse kit.

Wraith form, shadow step and death blossom aren’t considered a diverse kit? What exactly would it take for Reaper to have a diverse kit?

Shadow step cannot be used most of the time. And if you use it it’s to come back from spawn quicker. I think he means that Reapers kit doesn’t flow well together.

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So coming back from spawn quicker or gaining an elevated position to drop death blossom doesn’t flow. Gotcha. Seems legit.

I don’t know. Give him an alt fire that has the same damage falloff but instead of a bunch of pellets he fires a single slug shot that deals about half the total damage as his shotguns but you know, since it’s a single shot it doesn’t have to deal with loosing lots of damage over ranges longer than 5 meters?

Give him a smoke screen ability that blocks enemy line of sight and could cause a small amount of damage over time.

Or maybe just give him some sort of self buff similar to Overload but instead of firing faster you fire out explosive slugs like Reaper does in the Museum.

It’s because it makes a sound like a car with a baseball bat up it’s tailpipe, and everyone is just like “longest cast time in the game, Find and Delete” and boom, you just got focused by the entire enemy team because you used…an ability. Seems legit.

Yeah, that sounds a whole lot harder to get off then a Mercy rez…

Mercy’s current rez is bs and just needs to stop. If devs gonna make her that useless, just delete the character. The old rez (with the invincibility) was pretty easy to get off, but If your team just died all at once, chances are it’ll happen again.

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i don’t know what they think is going to happen when reaper tries to shadowstep, it’s really hard to go anywhere in a forward position with it as most places are wide open without sufficient cover on lots of places on most maps, meaning he has to stick around corners and wait til his team pushes up with him or just sit in the backline and help the supports out killing whatever that tries to dive it.