Reaper is still bottom tier


Even with the nutty life steal reaper will be bottom tier. There are way to many heroes that can deal with him.

Hanzo/Widow/Ashe still have an ez time hitting his giant head hitbox with his slow movement.

McCree will still shut him down with either headshots at range or a flash bang up close.

Sombra’s hack still makes him a free kill.

Pharah counters everything about reapers kit.

Bastion will melt him before he gets close enough to be a threat.

Tracer can dance around him and poke him to death or just one clip him.

Genji has too many mobility and defensive options for Reaper to be a threat.

Zen can deal with reaper.

Lucio can still duel reaper.

I dont see Reaper being very effective past high gold to mid/low plat.


Lucio cannot, in any sense, fight Reaper. And where was he a trash pick? I see him all the time and hes still very viable, especially against Winston and Wrecking Ball. This is only going to make him a must pick


Reaper is one of the lowest skill floors period…do not buff him…actually nerf him…as a tank i have little to no chance to outplay once he is within 10 feet (most likely behind me at that because well flank reaper free tank kills right ?..)


Lucio absolutely wins a 1v1 match up against reaper. It’s absurdly easy to stay out of his effective range and with reapers movement and size it’s easy to land large projectile’s like Lucio’s primary fire against reaper.

If by some miracle he gets close enough to do real damage you just boop him away and speed out or wall hop back out of his range.

You can kite the hell out of Reaper as Lucio with speed boost and vertical movement. You easily out heal his damage output at medium range. There is no situation outside of Death Blossom that you should lose a 1v1 against Reaper as Lucio.

Obviously it’s 110% not Lucio’s job to deal with a Reaper but if you have completely incompetent DPS players on your team you can still win in that matchup if you need to.

He’s been a bottom tier pick for the last 3 years. This is an objective fact.

Sure he can find a niche as a tank buster until the enemey brings one of many MANY heroes that can shut reaper down completely.

If he wasn’t a bottom tier hero do you really think he’d be getting this kind of buff???


I think you are right, but he was never supposed to be the ideal choice to fight the heroes you listed. The change to him will make him quite a lot more difficult to kill when he has latched on to a tank - especially if backed up with a healer as well.


Have you played the PTR?

Because it sounds like you haven’t


Reaper gets more healing from Mercy’s dmg boost then from Mercy healing him. I agree with you that it doesn’t make him an S-tier hero.


I do with proper teamwork. Reaper with nano drop the beat and emp = dead team. Thats 3 ults though. Nano reaper is prety good on its own. Ofc you can just cc him till nano runs out in theory. There is a lot of things he can do with a team working together.


Lucio can easily win a 1 vs 1 with reaper. I don’t play Lucio much but I don’t remember losing to a reaper, ever. Neither do I ever feel threatened about him while playing Lucio.

Also Reaper has been a trash/throw pick forever. They buffed him in a wrong way and he will still be trash.

Yes he is good against Winston, and that’s about it. It takes Hammond half a sec to get out of Reaper’s effective zone and mow him down afterwards


Yeah I agree having no range or mobility is bad anyone can outrange him easily.
I don’t see why people say he will dominate.


I specifically swap to Lucio to counter Reaper. You know what counters a shotgun wielding psycho on the payload? Boops. You know what saves your tank that’s getting worked? Boops. You know what makes Reaper waste his ult by putting him out of position? You guessed it.