Reaper is officially and fully deceased

The fact that you call Reaper a tank buster completely takes away any credit in your statement.

Reaper’s kit is mediocre at tank busting at best. It places him at a very vulnerable range, within striking distance of all the tanks, and with no mobility option to engage them easily. His headshots would actually be effective if it weren’t for the fact that his spread is insanely large and most of the time, you don’t get a full blown headshot even on a tank unless you are within kissing distance. His entire interaction against armor as well as his pathetically weak ult further stops him from tank-busting effectively.

Roadhog is a tank buster with his ult and CC. Junkrat is a tank buster with his ranged spam and ult. Hanzo is a tank buster with his ranged burst damage and E.

Reaper is not a tank buster and only a fool who has no idea how he works thinks he is.

P.S. Saying “I rest my case” doesn’t improve your arguments at all. Maybe spend some time actually developing one


If anyone lost credibility are those refusing the fact Reaper is a tank buster. Sure he isn’t the best one, but that’s still his core. I rest my case.

[Reaper voice] Riiight…

I feel like they could make his shotguns do regular damage to armor and up the damage to Death Blossom to actually resemble an… Ultimate ability. Either up the damage per hit or increase the damage per second by a like, a lot.

I also still think Shadow Step could be a lot quicker and grant him invulnerability until he fully re-appears.

He does need a rework

She dominates on certain maps and against certain comps and gets rolled on certain maps on comps. Balanced. She has her role in the game and as a mei player I think she’s in a good place.

Not every hero needs to be a must pick. This meta is great because every hero barring Roadhog, Soldier, and Mercy have a solid place where they can carry a game. And soldier and hog are getting buffed soon.

I didn’t try this new torb, but It sure looks like a Hanzo + Reaper in 1 hero. + an extra turret of course.

Hanzo? I was getting more of McCree vibes because of the projectile damage and lack of vertical mobility.

Right now Reaper can literally kill Torb and his turret and walk away nearly at full health.

After the Torb update, he will kill the turret, Torb has to wait 1/6th of a minute to put a new one down. Since Reaper can kill the old molten core Torb (since all Reaper has to do is serpentine and Torb has a huge hitbox) he can probably kill the current Torb.

Current Torb is a potentially deadly encounter for Reaper. It really depends on who gets the drop on who.
I had plenty of Reapers underestimate my Secondary fire only to get one-Shooted when they charged in salivating at the thought of a free kill.

New Torbs going to be better due to the armor for MC and Rate of fire increase

So OP not wrong, Reapers getting out classed all over the place. Although it seems that Doom got this and Torb got this controlled spread. So there’s still hope down the line?
What Reaper really needs is a little more utility. Maybe even a Zen like ability, Mark of Death or something (non-stackable of course). Currently he’s a lone wolf but one with only 3 legs (so he can’t get things done like he wants and other 4 legged wolfs can)


Ok I get you’re a biased torb main and I’m biased towards Reaper.

But Reaper isn’t that strong against torb. It’s usually a win for Reaper, but not by that much


How do you walk away from full health after having to shoot at a turret at least 3 times and kill a Torbjorn with armor? Like… Wut? Not saying that Torbjorn counters Reaper or anything, but it is necessarily a MU that I would want to play Reaper into. And now he has more armor (and less head hit-box volume), is more lethal, and can set the turret further away while cutting off angles of approach… It is only going to get worse. Not that I really fear him. My concern is more that he is encroaching on Reaper’s niche.


I agree with everything you said, Crepsly. I like your suggestions as well. Shadowstep needs some tweaking (I don’t think they should replace the ability). Lowering rhe voice line, lowering the cast time would all help.

More than anything, I agree that he definitely doesn’t need a rework. Just some nice tweaking and possibly an added ability on his alt fire. I’m all for smoke grenades. Or possibly even an ability on a longer cooldown that either negates or helps resist CC abilities and ups his life leach % while active for a small window. Allows him to brawl more efficiently or attempt to assassinate a single target. Also gives him a few less counters temporarily, but still keeps his main counters in tact in ranged opponents

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What do you think are the chances that this gets looked at if we combine the Reaper threads together?