Reaper is officially and fully deceased

Made me laugh and cry at the same time

Roadhog is also under performing right now, especially now that ana has become meta, he has become clearly non-existent thing.

If we want to be technical, Reaper is more or less undead.

So…he even fails at being dead.


Saying that hog is in a better spot is like saying taco bell is better than mcdonalds or vice versa. Just cause one crappy sandwich has mayo on it doesnt change the fact that it’s a crap sandwich.

If you are seriously envious of roadhog… just lol. He is a giant ult battery like hammond.

I will give you that the new torb rework looks op as hell.

Just because heroes overlap does not mean they are useless. You cannot expect every hero to be played all the time. It’s the pigeonhole principle - For DPS there are 2 slots to fill and a ton of DPS heroes.

I play Reaper still, when the situation calls for it (brawl comp mostly), and I’ve been able to do it effectively. Granted, you have to be aware of Brigitte and Ana for the stuns, and for her ult eating capacity. Doesn’t mean you are useless - just have to have better ult timing - hit them when they are distracted.

must work amazing in lower ranks 2 bad hes complete trash higher up, its ok to be wrong though just play any other hero for half the risk and twice the reward and an actually decent kit and consistent weapon

every rework is basically new ultimate and moving Old ult into a second Ability.

YA dude i quit reaper in comp i had a 70% winrate within 8 hours then the brig and Goats sh1t happened am done. i 1 tricked soldier now hey he is still kinda edgy fun cat realized i played ovewrwatch with 1800 dpi for a year by mistake when i was trying to check how fast i can flick with reaper and stayed in diamond l.ol…

Everyone is better than Reaper now, after the new PTR

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Death Blossom wouldn’t work on E, no matter how you nerf and tone it down. If there’s a rework for Reaper, it will not be the in the lazy style on the others.

Mei is doing pretty well right now I have no idea what you’re talking about?

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She has one of the worst pick rates and a mild win rate. She’s not doing well at all.

I see what you did there

Why not? It does less DPS than his standard shotguns, the only benefit is the AOE. If you just had it last about half a second, it would basically amount to one free shotgun blast. Not the greatest, but it could help him against some of the peskier players… I guess? I do not really want it as an ability to be honest. But it is not as though it would be overpowered.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA laughing turns into sobbing

Mei is probably in the best spot she has been in since who knows when

Buff him from the grave! Anything papa Jeff!

Sym rework made Reaper’s TP to be the worst skill in game.
Torb rework made Reaper’s primmary (and ONLY) fire to be the worse ingame.

Cool stuff.


This is pretty accurate. XD

I mean, things change as the game progresses. Reaper is a victim of power creep more than anything else.

Like making his Wraith form cancel-able would have been OP’d two years ago, but now it’s perfectly fine. A lot of us saw that and suggested it.

Same can be said with Shadowstep. Making it instant would’ve been overpowered in the beginning, but now we have things like Sym’s teleport, Sombra’s Translocator, Moira’s Fade… Like, really, it’d be fine. At least test it. XP

I also like how a lot of us suggested having his bullets ignore the damage reduction of armor, and everyone was like, “Nah, that’d be overpowered.” Then they went and let Torb counter armor with his ulti. XD Like, uh, ok then I guess.

Anyway, I still don’t think Reaper needs a total rework. His playstyle is simplistic and iconic, and it works. It’s just he needs some tweaks to a few things. They’re taking steps in the right direction (Wraith form improvements, self-healing on damage, etc.) but he’s still not quite there yet. Still, baby steps are better than no steps, I guess.


But to say she’s a viable is a stretch.