Reaper is getting nerfed

They write the story and heroes. How much they get to release is based off the marketing people and number crunchers, as well which heroes have kits and dialogue for Archives.

Something tell me that reaper have no future and will always be bad or noob stomper.

Archives is the only real reason for the writing staff to exist now tbh. I really hope they make good on their promise of increasing development staff for OW, and if it goes F2P, making a big success of new modes. :frowning:

Welp I’m happy Reaper is still trash tier because I don’t like the idea of a character like Reaper being viable. :slight_smile:

Sources for this? Couldn’t find anything reliable

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I also wouldn’t care about 30% lifesteal at all.
But a close range hero, who can’t get close = bad design.


Show me any story advancement since September 2017.

Which makes the lack of lore updates even more depressing.

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I’m sure in a year Reaper will finally get a better ability to replace Shadowstep.

Time to beg again, I guess.

For the love of god Geoff, please come out with a change to shadow step if your going to revert the changes. You tried the changes and it wasnt a solution for the problem and now people have adapted. Hes pretty much back to square one. Just change it.

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they should be focus on reworking shadowstep. LS was bit op to begin with.

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its only if the shots directly hit, which i currently think is a skill shot and should be rewarded


The funny thing is, the players never asked for it.
There was always a discussion about an alt-fire or Shadow-Step buff/rework.

Reaper is still not as good even with LS buff. He suppose to be a anti tank and Roadhog can do a better job because of his kit. We have make reaper strong to use in Comp but not broken.

They should reduce the spread of Reaper’s shotgun pellets which should solve his close range issue.

I don’t understand why people want reaper to have two abilities so he can engage and disengage, but cried for doomfist to be nerfed because he could jump in, kill only one or two people, then fly out.

Reaper could waltz in, stay as long as he desires killing way more than two people with his life steal keeping him in the fight, and if he starts to get focus fired “Oh! I know! I’ll just safely disengage out with my second ability.”

Because … all flankers do?
Also wraith is not an engage ability, nor is that Shadow “omegalul” step.
Tracer, Genji and DF can use abilities both offensively AND defensively. Reaper, who has the worst range (with DF) cant.

Thats why he is trash tier.

So its fine when Tracer, DF and Genji do it but not if Reaper does it? :thinking:
No double standards at all. Cool.

PS: I am against the DF nerfs btw.

People cried against DF because of all the CC he dealt per hit making it annoying to be playing against him if you couldn’t do anything. Reaper can’t stun you so you have all sorts of options to deal with him or run away.

Atleast… that’s my take

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He has wraith to escape. It wouldn’t make sense to use ST as an escape mechanism too, unless they drastically increase the speed.

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