Reaper gets systematic killed off

I actually want reverse. Something like 1-1.5 seconds on casting and 0.5-0 seconds on arrival. It would make it better for engage but won’t be his second “nope im out” ability

It’s way better to just increase life steal. he would be better duelist with greater self sustain AND his ult would be better coz of outheal he get when ult enemy team

you already know i agree with ya Nox. I love and hate reaper both being a reinhardt player and a reaper player, but he is just getting less and less viable

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have you ever tried to kill sym turrets with reaper. Shes a direct counter to him cause he cant kill those tiny turrets with his spread when he used to be great for killing the turrets. And honestly im pretty good at slaying brigs with reaper. He’s one of the better character to fight her, though you dont see him much doing so cause practically everyone is good at killing reaper these days. He’s only really good for killing moira, winston, and bastion these days. rein is 50/50 depends on how smart the rein is and if they know how shield jump.

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Thanks for your support, I also try to keep those threada alive.
One will be hopefully noticed…

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Yet there still seems to be more Reapers than ever lately.

You are a tank-main, well I understand that you don’t want Reaper buffed.
But still, he is not in a good spot and will be in a worse after the PTR-patch goes live.

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Just make it so his altfire unloads both shotguns at once. All 8 shells in one load, for the full dmg and he’ll be balanced

I play most of the characters. Countering Reaper as a tank is currently difficult at times, and very easy in others. The character is niche.

Either way, I’d be fine with either change. I was just thinking two escapes would be nice, since then wraith could be used more often to reload or dodge CC abilities. I think if you lowered the entrance time, people would still usually be able to CC you right away. So in the end you probably wouldn’t get as much out of it. But that might just be due to how I play Reaper. Either way, it’d be better than it is now haha.

Yeah. I agree with that sentiment. The only reason I suggested the globe idea was because if it was triggered upon getting the final blow then it encourages you to be doing your job in the heat of battle: finishing targets. Upon doing so you’d have more sustain and would get more total healing from squishy targets. Another reason I went with this idea is giving him too much life leach could be overpowered and make him almost impossible to kill. So the globes would mean he’d need to at least secure one kill first, whereas life steal is in effect immediately. So there’s the worry of over buffing it (which I assume the devs are quite weary of. So thought I’d give them another idea to think about). That was my thought process behind it at least haha.

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You already encouraged to finish the targets - to win the game. Globes are good if they give him something more than just a healing. Mb -1 cooldown reduction or ms bonus or something else that can go with heals

That’s the problem.

Maybe he should do a bit less against tank, but should be over all a bit more viable to compete with other DPS

I like that idea. Cooldown reduction would be pretty cool. I’d be on board with that (the finishing blow part came about because if every kill dropped globes it would again possibly become over powered, because it’s easy as Reaper to be a part of every kill with the spread he has)
Was just trying to think of creative ways of balancing things. Wasn’t incredibly well thought out haha. Just thoughts and different options to give Reaper something more than nothing. Anything

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Killing reaper as a tank is easy if youre good that might be your problem…

You either didn’t read, or didn’t understand my statement.

You said reapers niche which is just a synonym for trash in this game and you said hes difficult to counter as tank sometimes, when it really isnt you also said their seems to be more reapers then ever lately which is hilarious because he has one of the lowest pickrates of any hero

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It really depends on who he’s with, and if he has protection. Sometimes tanks have very little they can do to him, depending where he pops out from as well.

Can’t tell if you’re talking about the 1v1 situation or team fights.

Reaper’s usability, positioning, and strategies, vary based on map, situation, team compositions, and a ton of other factors. Most of the time he’s not very useful, but there are situations where he can be quite effective.

For example, his critical weakness is his inability to close ground, to make effective use of his very low range shotguns. This makes it so he can’t follow through with many attacks that say, a Hanzo would easily cover the ground with an arrow and be in safety’s range.

So yeah he’s bad in comparison to a character that can 1shot threats from mid/long range positions. In effect he only sees any real viability when everyone is clumped up, he has a Zarya/Dva/Ana ult (the list is longer than this), and he gets into range to rip a tank to the ground. Afterwords he can help clean up, but he’s pretty much done his job.

So yeah he could use something, if we’re getting down to the brass tacks of the character. He’s ineffective.

In a 1v1 you can beat him as a tank in a teamfight when youre being healed and your dps are backing you up you can definitely beat a reaper in comparison to almost every other hero reaper is trash the amount of maps or compositions hes decent in are extremely low hes underpowered garbage and anyone who thinks otherewise isnt a good player but if by youre logic hes being pocketed by half his team he can be somewhat decent then sure hes fine :roll_eyes:

Like, 1v1? I guess it really depends whether or not Reaper gets a clean surprise attack on you, or if you’re squared up with him. I’ll use the 15-20 meter squared up situation for an example.

I’m honestly not sure of the situations where he can beat Roadhog, he’s got a hook, a powerful shotgun, and 600 hp.

Him vs low charge zarya might be tough, but she can disorient him and bubble up some soak, so it would probably be in her favor. I haven’t played her enough to know the details with that, considering I stick with the team and Reaper almost always dies first.

Reinhardt in the 1v1 is a bit tricky, it’s doable, but it’s just tricky. You can shut down Reaper, or you can get ended by Reaper. I’ve had varying results, depending on whether or not I land my fire strike, or a charge against him. I know in the team fights Reaper is next to useless against a healing Rein with his DPS nearby.

Against Hammond, I’m pretty sure hammy just melts or runs. That’s pretty much Hammy’s life from what i can tell.

Winston can beat Reaper if he lands a clean jump punch bubble on him, then uses the bubble to kite. This is still really up hill though, if enemy boops get involved, or walls are present.

Orisa… Is almost never alone. When she is, she usually dies from flankers. I’m pretty bad with Orisa, so I can’t say for certain if she’s effective against reaper. Land a bunch of head shots with the buff maybe nullifies him, so that could be an issue.

Dva soaks up everything, and shoots missiles. Flies away to a safe position and sprays him. Rinse repeat, he can’t really do anything, and she nullifies him in the team fight as well.

My suggestions to improve him based on my anecdotal experience.

  1. Have his shotguns proc a healing debuff, where the enemy characters hit by a certain percentage of the pellets will have worse healing effectiveness by a percentage.

  2. Clean up his kit, so he has less CD on his teleport, and less time on the teleport duration.

  3. Increase the damage falloff range of his shotguns by a few meters.

  4. Flat increase his movement speed.

Other than that I can only really suggest a rework, to make his ult provide these bonuses, or have an ability of some sort to apply these bonuses.

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Give him his grenades from the trailer.