Reaper footsteps too quiet?


Is it me or are Reapers footsteps too quiet? At least on console. I have headphones to max volume and I can’t even hear him approach from behind.
Could it be a headphone problem? (They work perfectly fine for everything else through) :thinking:

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

Must be a problem on your end, he’s noisy as hell for me.



Reaper is horribly loud. i think louder than most tanks


It’s a very common bug. I have no idea what his footsteps sound like, they’re too quiet or just nonexistent, I don’t know which. I wish they fixed it because it’s a huge weakness for us affected by the bug…

There are other sound bugs that have been reported for a while too, like ult voicelines not triggering at all under certain conditions.


reaper is like… the loudest character in the game… his footsteps are louder than roadhog…


I’ve been noticing the same thing. How can you miss REPOSITIONING but I haven’t been hearing it.


Reaper is one of the loudest heroes. I can hear him from across the map. Wdym? :joy:

Maybe it’s a bug, but I haven’t noticed any difference to his sound cues.


for how useless reaper are - they might have no sounds and he’ll still be garbage.


A lot of players have been encountering this issue with quiet footsteps, not just Reaper but Mei, McCree, Brigitte and others. If you can, could you post about your experience or share videos you might have that show the issue in this thread, it’s gaining momentum and we need all the voices we can get to make Blizzard notice the problem:


He is loud as Hell. I hear him coming a mile away.


His sounds were turned down a few months ago, because he’s not powerful enough to justify being weighted down with bells, whistles and cymbals every time he moves.


Hey nattfjaril I just noticed in this thread that you’ve also encountered the missing audio problem, could you post about your experience in this thread, we’re getting traction and might have a chance to finally get Blizzard to look into this problem:


YES. i dont even hear his footsteps… i’ve been saying this for months and no1 believed me


He’s got a design that’s stealthy, but literally has the loudest voicecues in the game.
You can always tell when he’s firing, using wraith, shadow-stepping, ulting, and moving.
McCree is about the only one who has him beat for footstep noise, out of the dps.