Reaper Buffs! I Cannot Believe It!


As Yves said, yeah people that know how his spread functions are going to do more dmg than those that dont… and ya time will tell but if anything its just gon be somewhere between their average ACC anyways since how do u even whiff with that character?


Remember that Roadhog is getting the same “fix”. We’ll all know more soon enough.

If Yves is right about Roadhog getting a hexagon pattern, then they finally have decided that edging closer to static spreads is the way to go. Which I am glad they are doing.


He still needs an E ability to be anything and this will not give him a spot on Goats counters, he doesnt do enough dmg, still.


I am jazzed. If I can grab key targets and reliably end them or chunk them hard, I will be happy


Yeah its a very good change in the right direction for all spread types, just QOL tho… wont do much for their power lvl.


Read it for yourself if you haven’t already. If they did a good job with Roadhog then he should hopefully be able to reliably one shot 200hp characters now.


I here yah. Even if the devs went crazy and made his shotguns OP, I would still be dissatisfied with clunkiness of shadowstep. They at least need to speed it up.


Does your name get an extra one everytime Reaper is buffed? lmao


Its quite simple really, or he counter goats or he can keep up with Winston/ to be viable, so, or his Shotguns pellet count is geared towards dealing good dmg to armor or Shadow Step is a viable mobility option, ofc without being OP.

Changing his Life-Steal is one of the worst changes they could make, the only part of his kit that is actually close to balanced but is held back by his overral dps/lack of mobility.


I read it, I do need to try it out to know what those numbers actually feel like though :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad he is still completely useless against Pharah/Hanzo/Widow/Tracer/Brigitte.

And there’s always atleast one of them in the enemy team.

Reaper needed this buff for sure but he’s soooo far away from being viable in the higher ranks.


I think u quoted the wrong person LMA OMEGALUL


Spread consistency is huge. I still dream of a Christmas where Shadow Step is mentioned and is AT LEAST as quickly executed as a Widow hook.


Its huge for QOL purposes, as for power-lvl goes tho… its still same ol overral dps.


He means me. For some reason everyone on this forum has me confused with some player named Deadlyaztec when I am, and have always been Deadlyaztec11


More consistant damage won’t help him with Brig or Tracer?



Its consistant but still low af.


I am pretty hype. :slight_smile:


With Brigitte the issue is different. There it’s his fire rate that fails because it’s easy for Brigitte to block enough of his shots between flail smacks.


mercy players on the forums: “these buffs are worthless, I hate them.”
Reaper players on the forums: Woohoo! senpai finally noticed us!!