Reaper buff is too much


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 7, 2019:

You probably wanted to increase it from 30% to 33%


totally agreed. I think this is way too much. hes basically unkillable when hes ulting. you 100% need stun heroes to deal with him. that would be brig so she is still useful. same for mcree but his stun takes long to get off cooldown.


The entire idea is to shut down goats comp because it didn’t inspire people to switch to counter. One of the most powerful abilities we have as a player of overwatch is that of switchibg heroes. Got a Pharah on the enemy team? Switch to a hitscan. Which will then cause them to have to switch because you did. The idea that reaper is op is dumb because he can totally be cc’d to the grave. As that id what counters him. Not only that but all it takes is for you to call out to your team where he is and they’ll focus fire him if hes such a big threat like you think he is.


Still, the buff is too much.

If a new hero was added to the game, which as part of his kit had the potential of dealing massive amounts of damage, while getting 50% of the damage back as hp, people would be crying and shouting about it in the forums.


Agreed, tbh the Armor nerf does quite a bit to nerf Tanks, this on top of it is overkill imo.


People are crying and shouting about it in this forum


I would rather Blizz make changes gradually. Even if they THINK 50% is the right number, work up to it over several patches to find the sweet spot. It saves them the trouble of needing to rebalance things and prevents massive swings in viability.


Yes. Those are precisely my thoughts as well.


If you go one extreme to counter another extreme it will never end. That’s the problem with a Rock, Paper, Scissor, Genji balance approach. It does not work - except if your goal is to create a toxic community.


Wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be too much he’ll get nerfed again slightly to find a happy middle ground. Making bigger/more dramatic changes allows players to really feel the impact of the changes; I think 30% --> 33% would be so negligible nobody would be able to provide real feedback on it because we’d barely notice a difference