Reaper buff is gonna destroy lower ranks


Please please please rethink the reaper buff. Reaper is already hard to deal with on lower ranks where people don’t understand how to focus someone, but now he’s gonna be virtually unkillable. He needs a rework not this. His shadow step needs to be reworked not this. Reaper is especially nasty because his power isn’t in his abaility to outplay you its based on how bad the other team is at dealing with you which will boost reapers out of the rank they should be leaving them to be useless in the higher tier on anything besides reaper.


Looks like our only choice is fighting edge with more edge… :eyes:


You can tell how bad mercy is rn since reaper can heal more than her lmaoooo


i don’t know much abut lower tier but it would seem as though that would be the case


Late to the party but it’s sad that damage boosting Reaper does better healing for him than Mercy actually healing him.


Bastion is more worse, reaper is easy to focus.


Reaper destroyed lower ranks before this.
If a team does not co-ordinate and focus he will dominate.
Im looking at you silver and bronze! >:o


Under the right circumstances new reaper can heal more hps than zens ultimate


Already does. In anticipation of the buff people now finally actually try him out and realize his potential for the first time even before the buff.


not only lower rank.


I can see Repercy dominating most ranks.


Yea, I guess Mei is pretty edgy.