Reaper buff ACTUALLY a nerf?


working as intended


I love how everyone is finally catching on to this.

Overwatch sure is a game, where your character gets objectively worse after a buff.


Nope, he has shotguns, Shotguns are not long-range weapons.

Get close range and learn to aim.



That’s not what the video is about, or what I was talking about. The shotgun spread is exactly like a bullseye, leaving full rings of empty space. Thus deadzones in the spread, aka not working as intended

Where did you get the idea that I was asking for anything of the sort? No where was there any indication of “I want longer range weapons”. The problem is the actual nature of the random spread. Reading comprehension is hard I guess?


It is working as intended. It’s a bad weapon, and now it’s more consistent. Therefore more consistently bad.


Should of just tighten his spread more on his gun and gave him 50 armor to his health(200 hp with 50 Armor) and keep his health regeneration from his shots with this patch.


He really does just need a slightly tighter spread, even just 5% would be a pretty noticeable difference.


I guess in that case it may be a matter of arguing good and bad game design? It’s a close range weapon meant to have wild spread. They decided to decrease the randomization of said spread by 50%. To do so they created dead zones in the spread, in doing so it has a worse spread to actually do damage, even if you’re within five metres. Doomfist and Torb now have fixed spreads, but it’s still a spread. Why not do the same for Reaper and Hog? This isn’t lowering the spread, but taking out the random nature.


whats happend to blizzard?

diablo 3 start, overwatch balancing, hearthstone balancing (otk, cubelock. etc.).
whole heroes of the storm, current wow addon, with super boring and bad mechanics without concept like hearth of azeroth, war campaign, island expeditions.


Most balance changes I actually agree with. But this one is just, weird. To quote someone in surgery thread: “Reaper shoots like a hotel shower head now, it’s super weird. It makes one-shotting small heroes harder while not changing his damage to tanks (and other large targets)”

He never needed help with tanks. He needed more consistent spread so that those with good aim could more consistently kill squishy targets.


Diablo 3 start was years ago. Overwatch balancing has been excellent as of late and it’s in the best state it’s been since launch. Hearthstone has 8/9 really viable right now and you see all of them on ladder. Cubelock and otk have been nerfed, you must have played for about a day during it’s peak. Heroes of the storm is a good game, just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean Blizzard should be painted negatively. Battle for Azeroth is answering community feedback and the major upcoming content patch is looking phenomenal.


Damn it even affects Roadhog lol.

But yea the Reaper spread is just a straight nerf, that MUST be fixed.

I don’t even know why there’s even RNG in a “E-Sports” game.


Yeah. I agree with almost everything you’ve said. And that’s why I’m quite worried about the changes to Reaper’s spread, as I’ve agreed with nearly all of past balance changes to all characters. But this one just seems “off”. He’s already in a bad spot, this will further that


Sad that this affects roadhog also :(.


Exactly! All shotguns should be a fixed spread. They still need a spread and you still bed to have aim. But take away the random nature, especially since they really want Overwatch to catch on for eSports


I’ve discussed all of this at length in another thread. (

It’s a good change, it should stay, but something else needs to come to Reaper.


I agree. He needs consistency, but not in the way that they’re doing so. He’s a close range fighter, he should still be consistently effective within 5-10 meters. Not just in melee range


Quote from Jeff in another topic:

“We’ve changed the spread pattern and adjusted the distribution of the bullets. This will go to PTR with the next update. All of the changes to Reaper were done with the intention of making him more reliable. None were intended as nerfs.”


so wheres that topic? been looking for


There’s the topic in which Jeff replied