Reaper balancing ideas


Looking at reaper, he lacks the reliable mobility skills, lacks range, and has a pretty big hit box that he can be easily bursted down even with horrible aim.
Alot of things can be done that may accidentally make him overpowered.
His Wraith Form seems pretty balanced already
Buffing his Reaping for self sustain in the middle of a fight might just turn him into another tanky prenerfed Brig that does even more damage.
Increasing his basic (walking) movement speed might help but wont really change much.

So that leaves us with Shadow Step. Its a pretty useful tool to repostion for some sneaky or strategic plays however the cast time and its use is very slow and limiting with the pace that the game is currently being played. So for a fix/rework i have 2 ideas;

  1. You keep the shadow step as is except make the cast time a lot faster. With his damage output in close range this would seem a bit too strong especially with how quiet he is now and every mobile ability has some big sound or visuals along with it. To match that you can always increase the teleporting audio queue and his voice back to how it was. If not a sound queue you can always give a visual sign. You can have a shadow trail or smoke on the ground leading to the target location (kinda like the animated shorts or you can imagine shikamaru from naruto)
  2. If not that then a rework you can also do is give reaper something like a combination of Winston jump and Moira fade. Wraith Form already gives a bit of increased horizontal speed for reaper so this would be more of a verticality except in a high steep arc. Reaper can do work in battle but the problem might be initiating or getting out of a fight and this should give some sort of help. If its still too weak you can make it so you can control the movement in the air a bit or lower the cooldown and do the opposite if its too strong.

Lemme know what you guys think of this… and if you have any other ideas or have any other changes you can contribute… (its 7am havent slept yet and im tired so theres prolly typos and miswordings everywhere)


I like the idea of combining SS with Moira’s fade. Making it a long-distance teleport that’s got visible tracking, so if you do it in plain sight enemies can see where you’re going and follow you if they want, but it’s quick enough that you can’t get instantly mowed down upon arriving at your destination in a stationary pose like he does now


I have it figured out. Decrease damage by maybe 10 percent or so. Increase clip size to 10. Reduce cast time of shadow step. And decrease the visibility of the teleport marker for enemies. And have wraith form act like defense matrix.


i agree with the reducing cast time for shadow step cuz iirc its the longest uncancellable cast of any ability that leaves u immobile. i think the teleport marker isnt really the problem as its more the time it takes to finish the whole animation.
I dont get what you meant by wraith form acting as defense matrix did u mean let him leave a trail that absorbs things? cuz either way its a pretty op ability thats why dva’s got nerfed so heavily from her release to her current state


Instead of creating a new post,
For his teleport, he would do it instantly, like Pressing E, selecting location, hitting LMB transforms you into smoke, and moves/tp’s to the targeted destination, leaving you 1 second in smoke invulnerability + you can already move around (to counter the tp hs death sentence)

Would de my idea for his tp.

No real clue about how to improve his full. Kit.
Not exactly my type of hero = less experienced with him overall. I just use him to kill tanks who think they are dps (Winston / hog mostly in tdm/ffa)


No by acting like defense matrix. I mean it has a recourse bar with a two second cooldown between uses… so you can use wraith for three seconds. And then wait for two and then use it for another second or so… obviously you would have to tweak it slightly and you would need to remove the automatic reload function