Reaper audio cues


I’ve actually had audio errors like heroes walking silently and ults barely being announced many times. Not frequently, mind you, but if you play a lot, you’ll encounter them enough. I had that Reaper issue occur so frequently that week that I checked the latest patch notes to see if he’d been given a stealth buff.


Check this Deathmatch video out, I respawn near a McCree down a corridor who’s in the middle of ulting but he NEVER announced it with an “It’s high noon”. If I had just walked out he would have killed me.


Well thats very likely because he ulted when ure on the kill-cam transition, not giving you the “high-noon”.


Yeah but I skipped killcam quickly and was out in less than a second, while McCree’s voiceline is almost 3 seconds long.


If you’re not there at the start i dont think it plays the rest for ya, thats how audio clips work most of the time… as far as i know.


Yikes, well that’s something that definitely needs to be fixed too if that’s the case.


Many games have this issue, its seesm to be a very technical thing, but i think it happens rarely enough to not be a priority i suppose.


I’ve now heard the quiet crows. When was the footstep? This Reaper was even worse at his hero than I was at Widow lol. I’m actually rather proud of the final shot of the first of these videos.


Well you’re assassinating the English language pretty hard with this post, so I guess you’ve something in common.


Wow, i mean, i succ at analog aiming but that cross-hair to shot difference on consoles sure looks weird for a PC player lol…


The footstep is at 1.21-1.22 , i’ve heard enough Reaper footsteps to know it, its the loudest sound but also very brief metal boot sound, it is tough to hear i suppose if ure not used to it.

I have to agree that , from that distance and because of the way it is designed, it is way too brief for anyone to hear when focused at something else tho… thats why u kinda gotta look out for the teles…


IKR. I’ve since put a lot of time into practicing Widow, and she’s now one of my best heroes, but she’s kinda awkward to play with analog sticks. In GM on PS4, there is no double sniper meta, due to her low pickrate. No, on console, it appears to be Hanzo + Pharah, the latter of whom was only recently dethroned as the number 1 picked DPS. Mercy being significantly more dominant on PS4 than on PC plays a big role in that, I’m sure.

For reference, this month, Hanzo’s pickrate was only 0.02% higher than Pharah’s, while her winrate was 2.94% higher. I always use GM stats, ofc, despite being a mere plat.

Regarding the solo footstep sound, I’m having difficulty picking it out. I’ll trust your hearing, though, since you’re clearly more familiar with Reaper’s audio than I am. Regardless, if it happened at 1:21-1:22, I had almost no way to save myself, thanks to the hook’s buggy nature.

It sure is a good thing that the 5th most picked DPS hero is getting a nerf to an unreliable ability! :joy:


I mean 5th place is quite a high-place tho, considering there is like 14 dps heroes.


Widow’s pickrate on PC is 1.84 times greater than on PS4. Meanwhile, Pharah is 3.56 times more popular on PS4 than on PC. Pharah is 2.01 times more popular than Widow on PS4.


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A lot of people have been missing footstep audio cues, me specifically with Reaper, Mei, McCree, Brigitte and others, it seems to be part of a larger audio issue in the game, could you post your experience in this bug thread? It’s gaining traction and we need all the voices we can get on it: