Reaper audio cues


Hey guys, anyone notice the pretty big bug with reaper? It seems as though his footsteps sounds have been removed, so he can sneak up on anyone without the need to crouch. I feel like this isn’t meant to be a thing, cause overwatch is known for its audio cues and sound design, and they say in the tips thing on menu screens that your deadliest foes have sound effects for you to counter them.
Hopefully this is fixed soon, because reaper is very deadly when up close, so how are you meant to know he’s behind you?

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

I’ve had this on multiple occasions. He actually teleported next to me, walked up, and shot me in the head, all without sound. It wasn’t until he said, “Hi,” that I knew he was next to me.


Thought it was just me but I’ve noticed something like it a couple times.


Well, you got me curious so I did some quick testing. I loaded one account on my second monitor, and one on my main. I muted the sound on the main and then ran around with reaper. He was quite loud, I heard every footstep.

I have two thoughts on the subject, both probably wrong. First, you just didn’t hear him because too much was going on at the time. The second is a theory based on the same idea.

Now, I haven’t kept up with hardware like I used to, but once upon a time the sound chipsets would have a hard limit to how many different sounds it was capable of producing at the same time. One of the easier targets for motherboard manufacturers to lower the price of a particular board is to cheap out on the sound chips so that sounds are literally not being played simply because there are too many sounds going off at once.

Again, I’m a bit out of touch with the current tech and the number of unique voices might be so high now that it is unlikely… or they might use new techniques to blend sound files on the fly so that there is no limit at all… but it’s the best theory I have for you.


I recorded it and showed it to a friend. I was playing Widow on a rooftop, so I was alone, hence why I should’ve heard him.


Can ya show us that recording? I’ve seen similiar claims but i’ve found them to be wrong, his teleport is just actually kinda easy to miss cuz u hardly hear it, but it is there.


Lots of people have been posting threads about this specific audio volume prioritization issue over the past few months, whether it’s from Reaper, McCree, Mei, etc., but no word from Blizzard on the matter. Check out this thread I made that compiles all of the threads so far, it’s not just footsteps but also sound effects, character ults, lootbox voice lines and more, though the footsteps are the most noticeable:


Good. Hes an assassin, he doesnt need gove awayd when he had tradh mobility


I’m not sure. I deleted over 200 gb of capture footage on my PS4, and that clip might’ve been among said footage. I’ll check, though.

It’s worth noting that, in the kill cam, he didn’t crouch. Rather, he walked up to me, waved hello, and shot me. Silent footsteps are silent.

EDIT: I actually still have it! I knew I’d cleaned my hard drive around that time.


gibegibe つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


I posted this in bug reports the other day. Its really annoying


Do ya have evidence?


I’ve never clipped something and put it on YouTube before. This is my first video, and it shows me sucking at Widow. :sob:

I guess I’ll have to upload a clip of my current Widow gameplay to counter it. :wink:

Anyway, my YouTube channel is ‘TheGFFA’. The video is being uploaded this very moment.


Thats allright, lol, everyones gotta succ one way or another…

That said… i cant seem to find ya channel… is it … “GFFA Banger” ?


No. I don’t have any videos uploaded yet, so I’m probably not showing up.




Sometimes shadow step has no audio que. The rare times it’s actually good!


As I said earlier this is an issue that’s been happening to players, not just from Reaper’s footsteps but also McCree’s, Mei’s and others. Here’s a clip where you can easily hear Widow’s footsteps, but not Mei’s which are inaudible even though at close quarters Mei is arguably far deadlier. You can see in the killcam she’s not crouch-walking when she blindsides me:

Here’s a clip where a McCree flashbangs my Tracer in Petra. You can easily hear the Symmetra walking on the ledge above, but McCree’s footsteps are practically inaudible until he flashbangs my blindside:

And here’s yet another of McCree blindsiding me, this time as Hanzo in a quiet Petra corridor that I’ve already cleared out. What’s strange is if you wait a few minutes later in the video in the very same quiet corridor I can easily hear a Widow walking from the same direction who’s spawned nearby, and can easily react to it and even shoot her Venom Mine mid-air as she tosses it towards me before I headshot her.


As far as i’ve seen it, It always has the crows audio Q but not always his voice line, tho as far as i know and tested it, you cant force that to happen easily.


OK, it’s up. Skip to about 1:15.