Really, why Reaper?

Who was actually complaining about Reaper? He’s already an F tier dps in this meta and the wraith changes will make him Z tier.

Rest in piece edgy boi.


For clarification:


Wraith Form

  • No longer frees Reaper from Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux

It's kinda weird, since Reaper's wraith wasn't labeled a movement-ability. But I guess, they wanna delete him completly from the game


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Yeah i really don’t understand it at all, he’s rarely played nowadays this will just kill him off completely


I guess for consistency with Moira’s fade, but its way unnecessary


Maybe a coding limitation? Like they can’t change attributes of one’s ability without accidentally doing the same to the other? I don’t know, sounds plausible.


The funny thing is there’s no clarification/description on why they’re changing wraith on the in-game patch notes lol

Really ? That’s like the “FINISH HIM” in fighting games.

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Like, who even mentioned reaper to begin with this nerf ? He was practically throw pick, now more so after roadhog buffs.


The secret club of Zen/Winston mains I’m guessing.

R.I.P. Brig & Reaper. um who’s next, Torb?

I guess time to nerf his ult and make it damage only 150 I guess 510 too stronk

No plz no I am torb main don’t nerf the Swedish dwarf ;c

This game is going into the sewer quickly.


It’s a change to what the “phased out” status effect does. Obviously the experimental changes are primarily focused on Moira, but they list a copy of the change under Reaper in the patch notes to clarify that it affects him in the same way.


Can you imagine being reaper, just chillin in Havana or something, and then Blizzard kicks open the door and says


Since everyone likes Sig9 with his really little counterplay.
Cool, I guess.

TBF, if Sigma is trying to take everyone off the point, any CC can stun him out of that.

You can even kill his barrier and stun him if he’s trying to use his own barrier as cover.

They REALLY want to turn Moira’s fade into a soft ultimate. Apparently badly enough to nerf F tier heroes


They should make it so Orisa also can’t walk out of Grav and Flux with Fortify as well. Perfect right?

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equal rights for all

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