Really Blizzard? Delayed Rialto in Comp?

I’m disappointed in how poorly Blizzard understands the community, or at least large sections of it.

Rialto is a good map, but once again they are delaying the introduction of new maps and characters into competitive. One point that some people make is that it gives people time to try it out. THIS DOES NOT WORK, and people were incredibly unprepared for comp w/ brig despite her being playable in all other modes FOR A MONTH.

Sure, I understand a couple of day delay, just to get all the hard-core players to not complain about being unprepared, but I swear, if Blizzard takes a month to TRULY release Rialto, I have lost hope.

If any staff see this thread, can you tell us when Rialto will be released to comp?

Isn’t it normally a week for new maps? Not sure.

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I think so, but with brig taking a month, who knows?

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They already made one change to the map with the attacker’s spawn and some health packs. They’re probably just trying to see if any more changes need to be made. It’s been like, less than a week(?) so far, so it’ll probably be out in a couple days anyway.

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Hopefully =/ …

Starting with BlizzardWorld, all new maps and all new heroes are delayed until the start of the next Competitive Season details on this policy can be found here:


I know, thats the post I’ m referring to. Do you guys agree w/ this policy, cause I sure don’t. =/

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I think its fine. It also gives more time to find game breaking glitches since live servers have larger player base.

As first I had concerns, but now I am in full support of it.

Objectively it makes sense, but it does mean I’m unlikely to play the latter half of the season once I get bored of the current meta.

“but I swear, if Blizzard takes a month to TRULY release Rialto, I have lost hope.”

Your desire to play this game hinges entirely on when they release a map? Why do people seem to take this kind of stuff so seriously?

It gives players more time to get used to how the map works and different attack strategies, etc.

I absolutely agree with this policy. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread they had already made changes to the map. Blizzard World didn’t get its second point moved until it had been out a while, but if they get a better idea of how to use this time pre-comp to refine maps, maybe we wouldn’t have to wait so long for things like that to get changed.
Also, I like actually having some idea how to play a map before it comes into comp. It is nice to have someone on your team to lead the clueless people while they are exploring, and if it is me I can at least guarantee that someone shows up.

It seems like a poor idea for such long delays. The only thing that has changed is that it is easy to grab Brig to play her (there are still a LOT of complaints on the forums). Perhaps increase the original delay from one week to two weeks (three at the most), but leave it at that (it could actually work better that way). Having to wait two MONTHS for Rialto is pretty frustrating (since Rialto was released right at the start of season 10, which lasts for two months).

And improve the PTR. That way, more fixes can be occurring there instead of sitting mostly unchanged for several weeks.

A lotta people are interested in new maps and heros but hate modes other than comp, also, keeping new maps and heros out of comp just delays the balance changes that need to happen.

But the problem is that there are many people that just don’t play modes other than comp, so won’t play in qp. As to the changes, that’s what the ptr is for.

im glad its delayed. it isnt a nice map to play on at all. i dont like defense one bit.

Securing last really needs to be looked at. It has 2CP style defense spawns with a really long run back.