Reading player stats for a "Fair" Mystery Heroes Game

So basically I hate the Mystery Heroes mode mostly because inevitably it ends up in an imbalance when a few players on one team end up on their mains. Also if you are totally unfamiliar with a hero you often die so fast you don’t have time to learn anything about the hero before spawning as another hero of which you are equally inept.

I was wondering if there was a way to use/read the Hero Playtime stats to create a “mystery hero” mode that would randomly pick a hero based on the lowest 25-40% ( or so) played heroes in a player’s roster.

Some other ideas would be, to be able to choose between totally random and a 2-2-2 balanced mode. I know the two modes exist but I don’t think you can toggle between them without loading up a new game code.

Also, another feature might be a persistent mystery hero for a set amount of deaths, for example, you respawn 2-3 times as the same hero before getting a new random one. This would allow a person to at least get a chance to figure out what they did wrong and try again before switching to a new hero they have no idea how to play.

So I guess the question is are there any examples of code anyone can think of that have similar functions I can look at and figure out how to create a game with the above features?

No there isn’t. And thats a good thing from security perspective.

But if you go to Overbuff or something as long as the player’s profile is open you can see everything about them.

It’s not that any of us need to see the stats, that information is already built into the game. it’s just gathering that info to be used according to set conditions…

So? You can’t access the actual player object (though it will probably not even contain the requested data). You can’t access the database holding the profile data. You can’t make a call to overbuff / overwatch api.

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