"Reading our Feedback"

“The devs have said time and again that they read our feedback, so here’s proof that they don’t. I just noticed the bar they set for themselves and calling them out on not reaching it.”

Translation: I’ve got a lot of pent up anger and it’s making me sound stupid because I don’t want to think about the Devs ignoring heroes for months or years, so long as it doesn’t effect my main, and I’m going to insult people just to get my point across.


Riot incoming! xD

What would that be? I only seen bastion mentioned by you and he got a buff recently too. Hes also getting attention.

Because some want a revert. Some want changes in bulk. Some want her left alone. Some want her to dominate even harder. I’d scroll through the cringefest of mercy poems and poor pitiful me arguments on the megatrashbin but I’ll give it pass.

Because shes the weakest flanker in a meta that doesnt favor flankers in general. Her hack is buggy and they didnt get the buffs they wanted. What they dont realize is they are not being ignored she has had several changes on the last couple ptr’s and before you get into full rework territory it might be best to let the slew of changes settle in on live to see how she performs.

OP for example is angry the dev’s have read “only” 45k posts on the forums and not every post in the mercy thread. Let alone the rest of the forums. Sombra and bastion mains saying there hero is being ignored despite changes in the upcoming patch to both of them. If it’s not lying it’s at the very least denial.


Tell me exactly how the falloff changes will make bastion better.
Go on, make my day.

Who? Who’s been ignored for years?

I have two mains tracer and rein. Rein is one of the biggest heros in the game and tracer is out of meta. Am I allowed to burn down blizzard HQ and demand answers with you now?

You just shared that they have almost 50k collective posts read. I dont know if your 14 or what but heres some news. That’s a really really big number.

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If you checked OP’s profile, you’ll have noticed he doesn’t play Mercy very much.

Blizzard says that they are always reading the forums. They say they read feedback. They set the standard that I’m holding them to. And so far, they haven’t come close.


Players: can you make Sombra’s plays more visible?
Blizz: infinite Invisibility.


Those are actually impressive numbers from the developers, kudos to them for that!

Anyway they’re not reading the forums in order to brainstorm with the community rather than see what the overall feeling of the players are towards some topics and get ideas and viewpoints on what they could work out internally. This means that even if we post “revert Mercy” 100’000 times on these forums it’s not going to happen if it’s an unhealthy change in the end and if they have looked into it again and again they’re going to stop at some point because it’d be just wasting resources.

The latest changes to most of the heroes are however something that has been discussed on the forums at some point. I’m sure that mobility creep issues, moira’s resource issues, lucio’s effect area and ultimate issues and other soon to be changed things have initially come from the forums, but they have also gone through their internal discussions and play testing. They have a really good general idea of what’s going on, but not everything is seen or works out and they’re definitely not going to come to the forums and deliberately tell you that the change you want isn’t going to happen as it would be just really bad marketing and nobody knows what’s going to happen in this game in the future

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B A S T I O N.
505 days today.
No, the falloff changes do not count. That’s not helping and bastion was put on there as an after thought

I didnt because I wasn’t calling you a mercy main. I was however calling out the hypocrisy of you crying about them ignoring mercy poems that are “feedback” in the cringebin

Again you just shared they have read 50k posts.

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Community manager barely competes with the more active forum members, personally I’ve tripled his posts read. The guy who’s meant to represent us to some degree, or at least be our first contact when wanting to be noticed by Blizzard is hardly active on his own forums.

And then they have the nerve to assume they know whats best for characters like Sombra, Bastion, Hanzo and Mercy.


I detect quite a bit of bias in your post. Let me point out one or more things you’ve either missed out or were inaccurate on.

You missed one point for sure, some or perhaps many feel that the nerfs to date haven’t addressed why she’s popular and will still remain popular. Resurrect on E is like an ultimate ability that’s given every 30 seconds, it is very powerful. Valkyrie on the other hand is like a slightly better standard ability on Q but it doesn’t have the potential impact that most other good ultimate abilities have in the game. Her on fire is also broken. Many realise she’s still too strong but the balancing team insists on nerfing every other aspect which isn’t the core issue of her high pick rate and strength.

More like angry/annoyed at the fact that they claim they read feedback but the nerfs to date show otherwise, as well as the read posts stats of course. They haven’t engaged with any of the feedback within the megathreads, so many don’t know what’s really up for consideration or not. The fact they aren’t engaging with any of the submitted feedback is just poor community relations to say the least. Even our community manager doesn’t appear to be actively acting as a liaison between the Overwatch team and the forum community submitting feedback on Mercy, which is one part of a community manager’s role.

There’s also the problem of the idea of the megathread. How is one meant to have a discussion on one aspect of Mercy when other discussions are thrown in there too. Even a joke about Mercy got thrown in there not too long ago, that wasn’t feedback :rofl:.

Hey theres an example of one of those lies you wanted. Scroll up to your very last post and read that. Then back down to this one.

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How exactly is this a lie ?
Devs haven’t said a thing on bastion for more than 500 days.
No, the fall off change does not help. You can’t hit sh.t at those ranges.
No, the devs haven’t addressed bastion.

All the one’s listed above hit about 47k posts read.
I have 45.9k posts read. I joined the forums for the first time ever in April.

Look at it this way, I’m mostly a no namer on these forums but I’m nearly more active than the Blizzard team, way more active than the guy who runs this whole show (community manager).

Your profile pic here matches you. Just FYI


Sombra, Bastion, Ana, Symmetra, Doomfist, Reaper, Mei. All the heroes that have been considered troll picks since Triple Tank ended.

None of these changes are really effecting Reinhardt or Tracer, now are they. And again, I’m not going to burn down Blizz HQ. I’m just calling them out on their inability to read the feedback provided.

Second time you tried to insult me. I’m gonna flag you again for that. Speak civilly, why don’t you.
ANyway, I’ve outpaced their combined total by 25k posts. 74.8k is greater than 50k. Third grade math. And it still falls short of all the feedback about Mercy since her initial change which has gone unrecognized.

Gonna take a leaf from your book; the only people who use the word “cringebin” are probably too young to be playing the game. T for Teen, you know.
Anyway, if you or the devs actually read the feedback you’d know that the “cringebin” is filled with useful ideas about how to make Mercy more interactive, feel better to play, and still keep her a decent hero. It’s not just “revert Mercy” or “Nerf Mercy,” there’s actual feedback.

Lol, I have almost quintuple his read posts.

Devs just throw these fall off changes to some heroes, and just happened one of them is Bastion.

It seems quite hard to do it, honestly. Tweak it too much, it will be madness in Pirate Ship.

They have other jobs to do. Would you rather have them here reading posts or developping the game?
They have a massive team behind this game and maybe there is group of people reading these forums that we know noyhing about.

I agree with this its strong and is always going to be a difference maker

I dont agree. You heal or damage boost almost every teammate in sight. Have infinite ammo and heal the second you stop taking damage. That is not a normal ability. That is powerful.

Its pitiful. You can heal your butt off and not get any recognition for it.

I honestly didnt mind her power but I understand that it needs to be toned down. Mercy has an absolutely loaded kit to be certain my point in what I said was that all the examples I gave are popular with the forum mercy mains. Now if they went one of those routes and not the other 6 would they really be appeased or just continue to get flak because they didnt manage to somehow put all of the things being asked for into the changes? They’d still be accused of ignoring mercy mains and it wouldn’t end.

Since the newest rework went live they have commented on her on the forums or in interviews at least 5 times that come to mind. They didnt hear what they wanted to so they acted like they never heard anything at all.

I agree it’s a garbage can. I wasnt kidding when I said theres mercy poems and songs being written about mercy and discussions of how mercy has impacted people’s lives. And that’s cool. But that’s not feedback the people who regularly comment in there just do so for post count to give the ignoring part of the argument legitimacy. Mercy could be tweaked and worked with but I wouldn’t go anywhere near that thread either if I was the one doing the changes.