RayTracing & Overwatch 2

Will we be seeing Ray Tracing in Overwatch 2?

@Devs :slight_smile:

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Ofcourse not.


Are there games that do real-time ray tracing? I hear the term and remember rendering out a single frame for hours in Maya back in the day.

yup, but it’s a very new tech. Doesn’t look nowhere as good as you remember in Maya or other similar programs ofcourse.

I’ve been thinking about the same thing because of Mercy’s new Caduceus Staff. It kinda reflects the surroundings creating a similar effect Ray Tracing has… Got me wondering.

It’s not really a game that benefits from it because of the art style.

Art style aside… Mine craft has raytracing…

that being said… it shouldn’t too hard to implement ray tracing support to Overwatch 2.

In addition, Overwatch 2 is a new game essential in 2020+ so it’d make sense to adapt new graphical features.

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Is it going to be optimized for lower end computers?

Any game benefits from it.

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Not if you want good performance and in multiplayer games you want exactly that.

A lot of them will when both of the next gen consoles come out. Before that not a lot.

But given that OW2 will be released for Xbox One and PS4, chances are it won’t support it.

Isn’t RT the first thing that people turn OFF in an multiplayer shooter game? :sweat_smile: And after that, all other high graphic settings…usualy. :wink:

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Especially pro players will admit in the irony that they have a $3K gaming rig and they all play on low settings to maintain 300 FPS and remove visual clutter with particle effects and stuff as much as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most games only use a little bit of ray tracing for some effects like reflections. There is however a version of quake 2 you can play that is entirely ray traced and it’s pretty cool.

I also find it funny to disable even shadows completely. I spotted enemies in various shooter games countless times just by their shadows around the corner. I would never give up this advantage, also not in Overwatch.
And who needs 300 FPS on a 144Hz Screen anyways? You don’t get a noticable advantage, compared to the importance of your latency/ping.

I dunno about that… here’s an animated gif of the difference

You don’t get ANY advantage, actually. You’re better off capping your FPS in-game and in rivatuner (to the same fps) to a 95+% stable frame rate. Best experience you’ll get.


OW2 would benefit from RT in the reflections, refractions, and shadows. You guys have seen how wacky the teleporter portal looks like, right? If those refractions were raytraced they’d look actually good. What if the corner reflectors in hollywood actually reflected the game instead of low-res captures from pre-beta? Imagine pulling up your rein shield and having it glow and shift light that passes through it.

Raytracing is awesome and any game can benefit from it, even if it’s only used in a small portion of the graphics. For example, shadow of the tomb raider only uses RT for shadows. BF5 only uses it for reflections.

And the perf hit won’t be as bad as you think. I’m on a single 2080TI and already run OW1 at a constant 250 FPS. GPUs are only getting better and if OW2 wants to blow people away with their new art style in 2020 they’ll need to incorporate RT.

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Quake II RTX does it I think

Minecraft, CoD:MW remake, Nvidia has about a dozen official titles

With the next gen consoles rumored to have AMD hardware raytracing capabilities i am sure that it might be a possibility. However, Just like 4k textures still arent a thing; raytracing may not be a thing, but Blizzard will have the capability to do so.

I am sure as the technology matures, it will slowly be added in updates.