Rather than just calling her OP

A lot of the topics around here just say Briggite is OP and needs a nerf.
But what if I was to tell you, that saying she needs nerfs and suggesting nerfs are two different things. The first is feedback the second is constructive feedback. The Devs need the second type of post here it is 10 times more useful!
Thankyou everyone who supplies constructive feedback to the Devs!

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o: new icon huh, nice!

I guess but I’ve had this one for ages :grinning:

then its prob the fact i havent been on the forums for ages XD

Ahhh that might be it.

Brigitte needs more than a nerf. She needs to be slightly reworked.

If you just nerf a new hero they are just going to end up in the trash tier. You actually need to change Brigitte works. Ive already made suggestions.

I think think all she needs is slightly less stun time. Played her a bit doing my placements and like.
First of all I suck as her XD I’m too passive / used to being in the back to play her proper.
But when I did play more in-front and did damage/shields/stuns that was really the only thing, just waiting for when I could stun again.
So yeah if that got a bit longer I think she’d be fine. Just 1-2 seconds extra.

But again I suck as her so :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you even base such a statement on? That’s no incorrect. They have nerfed/tweaked/tuned plenty of new heroes. Those of you who can’t see this are actually the ones slowing down the obvious tweaks that such heroes need. Saying things like any nerf at all can destroy them etc.

Im not the one who said it. Im saying what the devs said. You dont want to just end up over nerfing a hero because they are going to end up with really bad pick/win rates like Doomfist.

Hey hey hey break it up guys no arguments on my thread!