Rapture Gaming: Active, mature gamers [17+][NA][DISCORD]

Check out Rapture Gaming, or otherwise known as rG. It is a non-toxic gaming community!

We have a discord of 2000+ members ranging from all different kinds of games including Overwatch! We have PC and Console players, ranging from Bronze to Masters. We always have people looking to squad up and grind Competitive or just to chill and play some Quick Plays or any other custom modes.

We host tournaments and plan to have weekly game nights which everyone enjoys! If you aren’t much of a competitor but you love to keep up with the OW League, we have a spot for you too! We plan to host watch parties of most OWL events and will always have people willing to strike up conversation about Overwatch and the pro scene.

We have a dedicated group of leadership who strive to maintain a positive gaming community for our members. We have a unique culture and have many long-lasting friendships within the server.

Join the discord! → discord.gg/rapturegaming

Three steps to join: Type !accept in #welcome, then in #battalion-request Click the XBOX icon, then type !Rise and you are done!

Verification is done manually so it might take a second, but it is well worth the wait!

This is a 17+ server. We only require that you have a working headset/mic, a good and positive attitude, and respect towards fellow members and players. If you end up joining or have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up on discord! (Pilarowski#5838) We look forward to meeting you and playing with you soon!


Great Peoplen and wildly entertaining. Come join