Ranking up but not actually Bug

It’s been forever stuck the same rank of gold but I won’t rank up. This is ridiculous. I wish they’d address this bug. My friends don’t have this issue just me. I thought I was alone in this sh*tshow

I have been stuck in plat 4 for 4 bars now :smiley: and filled them up , and get this, now on top of the bar shows me “rank progess: 12%%” , this is just idiotic .

Hi this happened to me as well multiple times. Cant rank up, just resets the bar over and over. Has ANY dev commented on this?

Just noticed this happening to me as well. Always suspected I was hard stuck…now I actually am. :sob:

i have ranked up 6 times and im just forever masters 5 whilst all the other ex gm players are climbing to gm im stuck here forever );

I’m so happy to see I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Hope this gets the attention it needs to be noticed.

happened to me also, stuck in an endless cycle of gold 2 unfortunately

Hi guys, commenting here to get this back to the top of the forum page. Also check out this other thread of the same issue. Hopefully we can make both threads big enough for devs to take this seriously. Been happening to me for 3 weeks without change….

I really hope this gets fixed because i hate seeing my bar fill up reset and fill up all over again, and sometimes if i lose i feel like ill rank down but then i rank back up to 100%

Same. This happened twice to me to go from Gold 1 to Plat 5. Thought I was imagining things until a friend mentioned it happening to them and told me about this thread.

Had the same issue occur to me atleast 20 times now and here I thought I was getting delusional cause I didn’t look properly most of the times since I play for fun not for rank but damn this is so annoying. Hopefully there’ll be some fixes soon, afterall this is kinda gamebreaking and defeats the purpose of playing ranked. :confused:

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I’ll add myself to the list, happened to me yesterday and had the confirmation today.
I guess they’ll rebrand it as being a feature, like a perfect implementation of HELO HELL.

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+1 here.

Guess i created a duplicate but whatever Blue needs to wake up. Had 100% in a rank, won the rankup match and went back to 0%

I was just coming here to post about it. It has happened to me a bunch of times. Of course only on ranking up and not on ranking down. I had to write down my rank to make sure i wasn’t going crazy. But I’ve been on a huge win streak as tank and have ranked up like 6 ranks. It makes me wonder if I would have ranked up even more were there not this bug. I also have noticed it only seems to happen when you are really close to the end of a rank. So like less than 10% away.

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This has been happening constantly to me and i thought it may have been ranking up and just not showing and not really paying much attention, but after it happening like 10 times i paid more attention, how is this still a thing almost 20 days on from the original post, are blizzard on holiday again or something? This is the type of thing that pushing player bases away, back to COD & Apex for a month or two till season ends and they finally patch the “balance” changes

We need a hotfix!!!

This has been happening for almost a month now and still no fix. I just stopped playing comp for the time being. I had almost 150 hours on comp last season. Very sad that with every season they seem to break something. A couple seasons ago people couldn’t play on console cause of the lag. They need to start play testing their content better before they release stuff and end up disappointing the community.

Balance patch tomorrow. Maybe hopefully it will be fixed?

This has happened to me once. Was Dia 5 with about 80% progress, won a game, the bar filled and then reset to the bottom of Dia 5… Needless to say, that really blows and makes players feel like they’re wasting their time trying to rank up.

A friend of mine claims it’s happened to them 3 times which is insane.

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Just happened to me. So stillll happening. I’ve personally worked hard to try to get the diamond. I finally was one game to win to be dia 5. I won the game and I got 1% into Plat 1; so it back tracked me back to Plat 1. It’s a really big let down.