Ranked Role Queue

Need players gold/ Silver. I need 2 support, 1 Dps and 1 tank

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What’s your tag my man

I can play tank and dps

Im a lucio main. For heals thats all i got (been a while since i played- jus came back for ow2) i can also play a few tanks. (Rein/dva/monkey and hog)

And im startin to really like torb. (I dont just sit on my turret either)

I used to play OW1 on pc- with a controller (no aim assist) and still was high gold as lucio. Silver everythinf else.

But Im now on ps5 so my aim is much better.

In quick play i regularly get grouped with diamonds (it says diamond challenger in their nameplate) and hold my own just fine as lucio. Even still get multiple endorsments per game with them.

I went 12-3 in comp in season 1. 9k heals per 10 min- 2to1 k/d 2.5to1 assist/death. I only played as lucio in comp tho cuz i hadnt played in years and he was my guy b4.

I wanna really dive back in and learn at least 2 more supports and some of the newer tanks. As well as brush up on my other tanks.

But i dont wanna get hassled while im learning.

I wanna climb. As support and tank.

My game awareness is good. Had to be to hold my own with trash aim on pc… and I track enemy ults and cooldowns, etc.

If you wanna play lmk. Jus expect a lucio OTP in comp for a lil bit.

Add me up sebyseby#1763

im up for playing comp if u want, jezther#1617, mostly playing Mei and Gengi rn but can play pther roles n heros well too

Sent request jus now

Sent request just now

Its odd you tell me to add you… then u accept the request- only to delete me a day later without us ever playing.

To each their own- but its a lil weird. Gl finding a team.

Was that me ? Sorry dude I didn’t mean to , just having a hard time keeping track of people

No biggie. Yeah i guess its easy for me to say that when i keep a very short list. I saw that you were looking for older non toxic gamers tho so i figured wed prolly fit well. Im 40 and a lvl 4 endorsement cuz i keep it positive 99% of time. I only give a hard time to ppl if theyre blatantly trolling my teammates… i stick up for ppl.

I solo queue 100% of time this far so my list is basically my nephew (who dosnt really play) and like 2 ppl from here.

I cant stand having 2 many ppl on my list cuz then it becomes impossible to jump on an play alone- which is my preference most of time.

But i wanna climb- and thats harder to do solo queueing

Yea im trying to cut the list down now, some people never play . Add me up again, sometimes though i cant have my mic on always as people in my place work from home, but i will play. Sometimes if im playing with others i ll let you and join if and I can :slight_smile: