Ranked Beta coming next week

but will the Beta Phase add up to the Final next Season?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Beta will not effect the next season, no. Beta SR may be different than your previous season rating but it will swing WAY more, and also have a lot of people playing positions they don’t normally play. For example, I have played support at diamond level for several seasons but I am not a diamond support. I might be a plat support. If MMR reset thinks I should be around diamond, I could be throwing games for other players without intention until my SR changes to where I should be. You’ll see that with teammates too. I think Tank is the position it’ll be the most obvious.

Sigma won’t be available except in QP during the Role Queue Beta, he’ll hit Comp the same time that 2/2/2 hits QP, on Sept 1.

That I didn’t know, but I think it’s still going to be a thing when he goes live with 222 and role based SR. It was painful on the PTR to watch non-tank players play him and not understand a tanks role (even if they were mechanically skilled - which I don’t think I’ve seen anyone truly understand Sigma yet).

I don’t think it’ll be that much of an issue for Sigma specifically, but I do think main-tanking will become an issue.

Main-tank is definitely the least understood position in the game, and requires the most game sense in my opinion. I do think there will be some people picking up Sigma just because of his kit that wouldn’t have played tank before, but I don’t think people will stay in a rank they don’t belong for too long if they can’t play a good main tank especially.

The soft reset to MMR won’t randomly throw someone who’s in Plat up into masters, but there will be an adjustment period for sure.

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My point was more that people will want to play him, go into the tank role, and not select him first. Forcing them to learn other tanks roles, as you stated, are already least understood.

On the PTR, I was placed way too high on supports, and under placed on tank (which I climbed up to mid diamond super quick on). DPS I placed where I should be. There were a lot of miss-placed people on PTR that I know, and streamers as well. I think a lot of people are excited cause they think they’ll place higher, I just think it’ll be a mess. However, the end goal should be pretty nice, playing with people in your elo that actually belong there on that specific role. That I am looking forward to.

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No MMR or SR reset according to Jeff Kaplan:

Resets are bad.

They’ve been calculating your role specific MMR based on how you’ve played each role over the last number of months.

The Beta season is Beta just because it is short, and they will be able to adjust quickly for anything that needs fixing in Season 18.

Jeff didn’t say anything about the Beta season not counting toward placements for Season 18, so I assume the end of the Beta season will be your MMR / SR for Season 18 placements.

Jeff confirmed a soft MMR reset, not full reset. You’ll generally in the area, but you’re going to move huge amounts of SR based on Wins / Loss. We saw that on the PTR as well. I was getting 150 SR swings on wins, and like 30 SR on losses.

But I agree, MMR reset would be disgusting.

Its not really MMR reset. Your first placement game starts basicly at your MMR.

There is a hard reset and a soft reset. It certainly doesn’t apply Sr similar to the current season, thus the quantifier “soft”.

From what I saw in my experience and from others, your first placement game works as initial placement game on new lvl 25 account if you go comp for the first time. But with your MMR for role as starting point in first game, while new accounts starts comp at 2350 ±.

But I wonder how will end up one of my alts. Its actualy one trick Mei account with no tank/support data. So there are two options.

  1. as my Mei is high plat/Diamond MMR, both support and tank will take first placement game closer to my DPS MMR, because I should have better game sense than gold.

  2. I will be placed at first game just like completely new accounts are placed on both support and tank, in 2350 ± game and starts from there.

Yep or people on their mains who never play the other roles. It will definitely create some interesting scenarios. BTW, I also have an alt Mei only account that’s high plat low diamond. lol I’m pretty concerned if someone asks me to switch to another DPS and expecting the same level of play. I’m ready for the “throwing” reports and comments to come.

Role Queue Beta which runs from August 13th to August 31st will NOT count to your long-term Competitive Hidden Matchmaking Rating when it comes time to determine your MMR for Season 18. Both Role Queue Beta and Season 18 (starting September 1st will take into account data collected over the last six months to determine everyone’s role specific MMR when they play their starting placement matches.

ATTENTION: This has been corrected by the development team here:


By MMR, do people mean comp MMR or overall MMR? I’m asking because I’ve been playing a lot more QP in these past few months.

My masters friend got placed plat on one role
rest in peace

I think Jeff said not to trust the PTR numbers but one of mine got ranked pretty low compared to my others too lol

Oh well, I’m not too worried about initial placements anyway. Just gotta embrace the grind.

I’m excited for beta, I’ll be sure to cry on the forums about how Jeff stole my sr :wink:

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It’ll be fun, get to meet people you’d otherwise never play with in game.

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I’m p sure my dps sr will calculate to silver-gold, so I’ll have a chill role for when I wanna ow but not tryhard, y’feel?

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Jeff says there’s separate MMR per game mode.

MMR used to be one value per mode (now it is three for modes that have role-queue). SR has not, nor will be, used in matchmaking (00:08:40).