Rank not showing under Career Profile

Hello everyone,

as the title states, the rank is not showing even though I’ve played my placement matches (played at least 15 comp games).
But the game still gave me a rank and when I go to the purple ranked queue up card it tells me my rank, but that’s all.
Under career profile it states “0 Matches played” with “–” heroes.
I’ve verified my game files but the bug still persists.
What else can be done?


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Yeah Open Queue stats aren’t showing for anyone.

Yep, can confirm that I can’t see my stats either

Been like this for a week now, don’t think the staff behind this game have any talent anymore to even fix the tiniest of bugs

The bug with Open Queue not showing is current season profile is known. Make sure to check the post-game screen after every match to see your updated SR until this gets fixed.