Rank keeps looping

I was in gold 4 I won 7 games and got put back in silver 1. Then won 14 more games and I’m still silver 1

It’s about Bronze but the calculation should be the same: Addressing the Bronze 5 issue all in one thread

Nah it’s not right I just “ranked up” again and it’s still silver 1 that’s 3 times in 24 hours and the first time after 7 wins I went down from gold 4 to silver 1

I dunno but I suspect they haven’t even begun to identify all of the ranked game bugs yet.

I checked my friends list to see their rankings. And it lists players with rankd, starting at 1 then counting.

But the order and actual ranks of players don’t match. Had some silver ranks placed higher on the list compared to plat and gold ranked players. It made zero sense.