Rank is broken pls Jeff read it pls

I’m not saying that is a new thing but will still say it rank in overwatch is broken I have an account right now I was 3450 like 2 days ago but now I’m 3010 how does that happen I get u lose sr I get that every game is a win u some times lose but not like that pls Jeff if are reading this make rank so that if u lose at lest if u did good enough u will lose less sr I’m not saying I’m the best player in the game I make bad plays everyone dose even pros but when I do really good and still lose it just harts thx for reading if u are

Simple way to put it. Comp is like poker. Some games you can win easily, some games are hard to win. Some games are easy to lose, some games are loss the second you find a match


Ik like I said is ok to lose some time u have fun lose like making meme or telling jokes or it will be like a really good game and every one is have fun I’m saying that u shouldn’t lose like 400-100 sr if u keep playing but thx for reading

I have always compared it to a slot machine. You do your 5 games and it randomly assigns you a number that can fluctuate from season to season. Can’t win if you don’t play!

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Hey there as a friendly reminder the Overwatch Posting Guidelines asks us to not call out the names of developers in the subject title.

If you are in Platinum or lower rank, there is a small metric of Performance Based Skill Rating in your overall calculation at the end of each match. However, it is more important that you focus on winning consistently across most of your games in order to truly climb. See this handy guide for details.

Sry I didn’t know that I can’t use the name of the dve my bad and thx for reading

If you lost that much SR in a few days then simply put you are playing poorly. It has nothing to do with the matchmaker. That is a 440 SR drop. Even if you were losing 30 SR a game it would still take like 15 games to lose that much SR. That is beyond anything you can attribute to just bad luck. Maybe you had a few bad matches and started tilting. You have to remember how good you are is not a consistent thing. If you get in your own head you will play worse and you will drop because of it. There is already performance based SR below diamond, but really performance based SR is only an approximation. Reality is how good you are is how able you are to win. The best way to measure that is to see how much you win over time. If you are playing better than people at your rank you will inherently win more.

Basically figure out why you are playing worse, what it is you are doing different to drop that much. It is on you.

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I mean sure I’m doing poorly I get it but how did I get there ik in some games I did poorly everyone his this games but in some games i did a lot like killing both heals and a tank for my team to puch but we still lose maybe they miss played or did something wrong but it’s ok u keep going that is the fun thing about rank for me I can keep going but some times I just feel like I can win the game but no but hey thx for reading

My point is that it’s no the matchmaking being broken. You dropped that much SR because you are playing that much worse. You don’t lose that many games to chance. Like a bad bit of luck might lose you 100-200 SR, but 400 is a significant amount that shows you are doing something different. Hell it could just be a case of losing SR, and then thinking you need to carry harder, causing you to put yourself out of position, go for high risk plays, etc. This seems very likely since you feel like you are doing well but still losing. Try to focus on playing safer and smarter. More importantly focus on yourself and your play. The only thing you can control is you.

I am doing my best I will have 50% of the teams damage on mccree getting picks like as a dps I can’t do more but if u say so I just have to get better then will try even hard

Ranked is broken because of players like you with multiple accounts.

The matchmaker can no longer provide the promised fair and balanced match-ups because it doesn’t know whether all the Platinum players it’s grouping together for a match, for example, are actually Platinum players or whether some are Masters on smurf accounts.

I do agree that SR increases/decreases should be tied more to the player’s performance rather than the team’s. It is meant to be your SR, after all, not team SR.

The only truly accurate measure of your performance is how often you win though. There is so much noise in any performance metric data. It changes with the meta, it changes with how even the match is, what comps, etc. And at the end of the day is only a guess at how well you did. W/L is the most accurate measurement of skill. Anything else is a proxy. Of course it takes time and enough matches, but at the end of the day even stats based metrics take lots of matches to be accurate.

Winning is not just dependent on your performance, however, but that of your team’s (and, to a lesser extent, that of the enemy team).

Only if you are looking at individual games. If you flip a coin enough times it will trend towards 50/50. If that coin is weighted one way then you’ll see more heads then tails or vice versa. MM works on statistics, you have to look at the full picture.

I have 2 accounts yes but one of them I get to my brother is this one and the other is my main now but I still play with friends on this account but not rank I only play rank on the other account