Rank dropped and my reward are wrong

Today started the new season of overwatch 2 and my rewards from competitive matches came totally wrong, not won the title to achieve diamond last season and worse all my ranks came wrong, last season not even completed the md5 tank and I was gold and suddenly caught platinum this and I was diamond 4 in damage and diamond 1 in support and suddenly when the season turned I am in platinum in all functions without even playing the md5 again that is last season I was diamond 4 in damage, diamond 1 in support and gold in tank, I have not won the points equivalent to be diamond (1000) to get gold weapon, not won the title to get diamond and all my ranks are wrong and all are currently in platinum even I have not played the md5 yet. Here are images of my profile. Thank you and hope a solution as soon as possible because I am frustrated with the game and do not want to play because I was diamond and nothing is platinum.

The Devs have acknowledged this bug: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023. However, we still need to keep spreading the word about this bug so that they actually fix it unlike the bugged career profiles and missing end-of-season rewards from other previous seasons like Season 36. Here’s a link to my post in case you’d like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I’ve compiled a list of posts regarding similar bugs under: Incorrect End Of Season Competitive Rank And Rewards (Seasons 1-3). Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads, we must demand the Developers to give us the rewards we rightfully earned.