Random penalties


Recently I’ve started getting random penalties (like the 75% exp for 3 matches ones). Sometimes I get them justly (for quitting too much, because I have to always defend (like 80% of the time, so I quit, because I hate defending).
Lately though, I’ve had it twice after just sticking with game after game and no quitting.

For clarification: I play like 10 games in a row, from start to finish, and then suddenly get penalised anyway


I just had a game crash (comp CTF). I rejoined the game, won, got my comp points, lost 100 SR, lost 1 endorsement rank, and am banned for 2 hours.

Pretty cool!


Good news. Got up to my Plat game on comp CTF, had a crash, rejoined, won the game, lost 100 SR and got an 8 hour ban this time. Sure I had played 7-8 games in the interim, but who cares? Thanks, Jeff!


just don’t leave games 4Head


Maybe read the bloody post…