Random Frame Drops

Hey there. Have mostly been free of any problems, but ever since the Archives 2019 patch, I have been getting frame drops every few seconds. I will average at 150 and then it will dip below 50. Strangely enough, it happens a lot during the beginning of the match (timer going down), and then during team fights, etc. My game is fully optimized to the best of my knowledge.
I also apparently can’t post my DxDiag because of character limit and because I can’t post links…?

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Pastebin Hash: fPhHsSJP

Start by manually updating Windows. Keep checking for updates until none are left.

Then, you’ll want to make sure no background applications are running. Pokemon and Chrome seem to be having the most problems. It’s important to rule them out (especially Chrome) as the issue.

If you are still experiencing issues after the update, we may need to look at temperatures when your PC has been running a game for a while. Overheating is one of the most common causes of performance loss in laptops, and games really heat them up.

To monitor temps you’ll want to use a third-party app called HWMonitor. You’ll need to run that while you play for a bit, and then take screenshots of the app itself and provide Imgur links. You can post links with a grave accent (`) before and after the text to remove link formatting.

it will look like this

Thanks for the help. I believe I may have found the problem, and I believe it is Chrome. There are no more Windows updates, and Chrome apparently has around 50 processes when I only have 1 tab open. Why would this be?
Also, could this be due to bookmarks? I have like 20 something bookmarks saved. And I have cleared history/cookies/etc.


Chrome uses a separate process for each plug-in and web app.

You may try toggling the hardware acceleration setting in Chrome. If it’s on, turn it off, or off, turn it on.

Tried the Chrome hardware acceleration, and noticed nothing. (Switched off).

Is this what my task manager should look like with just Overwatch running? (Besides background processes)?
I noticed the GPU is at 0%, and I am not too sure what that means.

Yeah, the 0% is a bug with Windows 10. The staff talks about it here in the stickies:

Alright, I have watched the temps of my computer in game, and they are between 74-79. I honestly don’t know what else to do; every other process has been stopped.

Please don’t post your MSInfo publicly, you should only provide that in a private ticket with the staff (it’s requested when you make the ticket). The edit option is available to remove it from your last post.

Note: I still see that your Windows is out of date and tons of errors reporting this in that file. I also see an issue with your audio drivers, which might be fixed by updating Windows.

Hi there, I know we have Tech Support in here, but out of curiosity do you have Razer Synapse installed? I started having the same issues and uninstalling it seemed to do the trick. Just thought I’d give my solution.