Ran into a six stack of smurfs, reported them as cheaters

Maybe go re-read your own posts then and see? Lol… jesus dude.

Oh but you cant to that + quote the spot? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Honestly they should follow Rainbow Six Siege’s rule and make Alt accounts a bannable offense.


If they really were that rank, why were they playing against people who were so low below them?
if they are so much above them, they should have risen to that rank.
But instead they are still thousands bellow…

And that’s not what’s happening here.
Honestly, you’re just looking like a troll.

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This is stupid because the OWL is prefaced on the cream of the crop playing against one another, so your analogy isn’t even something any reasonable person can compare to the situation of the possibility of good players playing on new accounts in a ladder match.

You’re the one that said I implied it, but I don’t think I did.
So if you’re saying I said something, you should be able to quote it.
So please show me what I said that implies it.
I’ll wait.

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Maybe they’re new accounts and the matchmaker hasn’t figured them out yet? Maybe they just had a really good game?

It doesn’t really matter. In any case, you’re assuming they throw games to keep their SR low, but you haven’t seen it in action.

I don’t think it would place them with groups that low.

No, no no no

Its if the kid on a basketball team told the ref the other team had a pro

Thats just an example, but its pretty close to whats happening

Its real easy to spot a smurf


Placements on a fresh account have a max sr given of 3200

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but it can still be brought down

Yeah. People many times sandbag their way to the bottom on purpose just for fun to have easy games and gain SR quickly. Kinda gaming the system. Usually if they’re smart about it. They’ll play like they’re new and dumb. yet later you’ll see that same player dominating the field as if they’ve sudden been playing overwatch since launch.

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Sorry but you quoted my reply to Tornado in the mess of replies and I thought you were them.

But he did say that. And here’s the explanation because as I said, you guys have no clue what you’re thinking vs what you’re saying, you have notions in your head that if you thought about them for a minute longer instead of knee jerk replying you’d realize you’re a bit off base:

Here’s what Tornado said and my distilling of his actual reasoning regardless of you both claiming that’s not what was implied.

“its playing in lower ranks, while technically being at higher rank
thats the unfair advantage”

I then said that this is you implying that because YOU feel this is UNFAIR (Remember we need to have RULES to base fairness off of to begin with) it must be somewhere in the written rules that if you’re a “good” player you can never make another account ever again and start over because you’re too good to play in the games during the beginning of the new run because Blizz’s matchmaking system is not good enough to detect who to actually place you against fast enough.

You however claimed this is not at all what you are saying. But it is.

Because you complaining about skilled players playing on new accounts and temporarily facing unskilled players absolutely implies you feel that someone who ranks high on one account can or should never be able to make another account due to it being unfair due to some mysterious rule from Blizz that doesn’t exist.

You’re welcome.

Really? I didn’t know that.

Yeah, around 2500 is average. No matter how good you are

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You know, I was getting ready to forgive you.
You made a mistake with thinking I said something but it turns out it was someone else, I’ve done it before… but then you go and still say it’s my fault. and you’re still implying I said things when I didn’t.
So you achieved a grand total of nothing.

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wow you’re a real mind reader huh?

and yes you did get the rule that you were looking for, someone linked it to you in this discussion earlier but you either didn’t see it or chose to ignore, and yes it is legitimate rule since it made by their Twitter which is the same thing they use to make official statements so it counts and yes they are manipulating their SR since SR measures the PLAYER’S skill level and since you don’t suddenly get worse hopping on to an alternate account they are still 4100SR playing against people much lower than them and manipulating the system by playing on a different account since the system doesn’t know better


Smurfing is a violation of ToS if they are actually smurfing because it requires manipulating your MMR which is a direction violation of your ToS. Someone who buys an account and plays it normally will swiftly find themselves back where they were and so people commit the violations to avoid that.

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“Making a new account” is not in itself manipulating your SR. Intentionally deranking by throwing games is manipulating your SR.

Jeff Kaplan himself was very clear on this distinction in the past. So like it or not, that’s official Blizzard stance until they say otherwise. And I highly doubt they ever will, because to say otherwise would be ridiculous.