Ran into a six stack of smurfs, reported them as cheaters

I should have just reported them all for the inappropriate theme all their names had, but it wasn’t their names that bothered me, it was that their themed names confirmed a COORDINATED SMURF TEAM.

That’s the issue. if you six stack with your friends, the matchmaker will never find a six stack of smurfs to put you against, meaning you will always face solo queue players and most likely none of them smurfs. at least if you smurf alone, the game tends to put one smurf on the other team and it feels a fair fight if the tanks do their jobs and target you.

But when you six stack, you’ve definitely taken this to a qualitatively higher level where YOU ARE CHEATING.

As for sabotage, I couldn’t report it as that, cause I read the description and it was for people on your own team.

Blizzard has come out and said that abusing the matchmaker and playing in worse games on purpose is a form of cheating. Get your facts together.



Buying the game again isn’t smurfing get your facts straight, and not all rules will be written down, by using your logic it’s ok for me to remotely drug the enemy team to make them worse at the game since it isn’t explicitly stated as gameplay sabatoge or that seeing into the future is cheating.
But you’d be stupid if you thought that it’s ok


Except they didn’t say that. They said

What you’re saying is a weird corruption of that which implies more than it actually means.


…how so? Boosting or throwing (in an effort to play in ranks you don’t belong) are a form of circumventing, and therefore cheating, the matchmaker. It’s really not that hard to understand.

Congratulations. You played yourself.


If MMR isn’t calculated on wins and losses.

Placements are done in MMR.

They have very little say in where they place.

Depends on what level they were. If they never played comp before, they’re just using the system in place. You can’t place higher than the system let’s you. Obviously they rolled you so it’s not like they’re trying to derank.

Except there’s no evidence that those people were boosting or throwing. There’s pretty good evidence that those people were alts (given the themed names).

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They obviously didn’t throw because they rolled OP. Given that there’s 6 new accounts, there’s literally 0 evidence for boosting. Could just be a gm 6-stack. They aren’t doing anything wrong from a gameplay standpoint

But the thing here is that they had to have been abusing the matchmaker in order to be put into that game. They blatantly said they were in 4100, so how could they have been put into plat? By throwing. Which is against the TOS.

I’m not continuing this discussion because there’s nothing to discuss.


They could’ve been playing heroes they weren’t good at. If a widow main tried to pick up doom, they’d just throw lol. We don’t have enough information to condemn. Again, they were obviously trying to win by how they rolled OP. But we don’t know anything besides that so we assume they weren’t throwing off the one piece of info we have

If they are winning their games, the system will quickly place them where they belong. It’s not like they will stagger at your rank.

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report them for throwing, not cheating.

Many people out there (including me) reporting smurfs for cheating + gameplay sabotage so… good for you…


What kind of take is this? People have been smurfing consistently in low ranks for years. Just because they win doesn’t mean they can’t throw back down.

Let’s not just play the “what if” game. What 6-stack would start a game with “we’re GM” if they weren’t confident they would crush you? The fact of the matter is that smurfing is all too common and the OP sounds good exactly like a smurfing situation. Evidence suggests Smurfs. Where there’s smoke, there’s normally fire.


This is the only written fact from Blizz that is directly related to this topic that should shut down the argument of smurfing = game sabotage, but watch in amazement as the majority of the children here completely ignore it or try and spin it off into space on a completely different tangent because they refuse to be wrong.

Blizzard has shown that they will believe and go with what benefits them even if it harms the playerbase.
We saw it with free Hong Kong scandal and then after support BLM on their twitter which contradicts their reasoning for the whole Hong Kong scandal

and for comparison other competitive games have stated that smurfing is bad

So Blizzard is the outlier and aren’t always morally right

yes, but when there’s six of you it is impossible pretty much for them to find another six to match against you, which makes that matchmaking broken. so yeah, i’ll report and move on, cheaters every one.