Rammatra and Symmetra

My appologies for what might be an essay. I am posting this in Competative but it might just be a regualr discussion as well.

After watching the most recent Gameplay Overview with Qui Fang about Rammatra we see a trend amongst tank heros. For example Reins added fire strikes, Winstons ranged charged beams, and Sigma who can poke throught the deployable shield. This seems to indicate a general philosphy of what Qui Fang said in the video “of barriers being used tacticaly to close the distance while you poke the enemy”. This feels great as a tank as it allows you to be protect and deal damage as a varity of situations. However Ramattra provides a lot of these funstions in one. Rammatra seems to be high skill mix of Sigma and Winston. This makes heroes wit longer ranges and high obility ideal counters to most tanks.

Now we get to symmetra. I will fully admit to being a symmetra stan but I dont belive in making any one character OP for the fun of it at the detrement of fun for everyone else. I do not care what happens to the left click damge or if you remove tele bomb. Neither really works in a high dps close range centric tank game.
In my opinion symm is no longer a tank killer without the double barrier meta and the increased mobile dps deathball threat. From the very begining of the game the threat of right clicks and turrets has aways been my draw to the character. Like a fighting game character she “zones” the projectiles.

If I have have one ask as a player it would be to let symm right clicks PIERCE BARRIERS. Right click in my opinion is a mid-long range zoning tool and it should be used to deter movement into a space. I dont care if you make it less powerfull at close range (to adress high tier play) but the most fun i have had was predicting the movement of an enemy player halfway across the map and elimitaing them with a perfectly timed orb. It would be great if live symm had an answer to Ramattra but she doesnt. No long range poke, where he does, and no close range, since his ultimate would make it imposible to beam him. Symmetra has the perfect opportunity to be the Rammatra counterpart, Zone him out. Their names even share a similarity and thier stories could easily come together with the Zen link.

Thank you all for your consideration and your time.


Blizzard isn’t going to read this.
They don’t care about balance.
Just selling skins and BP’s.


Add - Blizzard doesn’t care about releasing finished games too.

OW2 was announed YEARS ago. PVE and everything included with it it was a huge marketing/selling point.

its like getting a sandwich with nothing between the bread.

Instead we have to wait an entire year before its being added to the game. That tells you everything you need to know.

They did a rushed last minute open beta for an unfinished game JUST to start generating revenue.

Then they gave away mediocre skins/animated highlights as an “apology”. :neutral_face:

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I 100% agree with you on symmetra. Her left click has never been what she is all about, it’s all about the right click and the fact that it moves slowly and pierces barriers. Having the right click be an explosive that moves really fast broke the character because that requires you to be visible more often and it doesn’t control areas at all. It turns her into Zaria or junkrat with worse projectiles!

I couldn’t couldn’t give a f about the left click beam, because that is also functionally broken too now that it can’t charge off of barriers.

What they need to do is make the orb left click and move the want to be Zaria beam to the right click that way people will maybe understand how it’s supposed to be used. Instead, everybody sees that left click and assumes that she’s basically reaper and gets clapped when they try to run in like reaper when you’re supposed to lead with those orbs clicks and only pull out the beam in situations where you know you time is on your side.

At this point they can just scrap the character because they don’t know what they’re doing. Having a character like her that sets up and engagements is just not compatible with the increased speed of a mobile 5v5 game. What they need to do is make turrets indestructible when they’re in the air and take away any kind of setup time. If they think that is too radical, then give her a spray and pray mechanism where she throw out tons of turrets whenever she wants EVERYWHERE… If they’re going to be mosquitoes then treat them like mosquitoes.

It makes me laugh when they refer to it as “Early Access”, but then delete the existing game so we have to play this broken mess or don’t play at all.