Ramattra, Ominics, Null Sector - sociopolitical relevancy

I just love how they nailed it by making Omnics finite, single generation

They show two facets of current world problems at once:

The conspiracy theory of the great replacement, the fear that the own race is threatened and must protected, even with violence which is especially prevalent in right wing extremist groups these days. At it’s core it’s a fear which results in aggression, a feeling, a calling to defend themselves and even lash out

Null Sector is this aggressive and violent expression of it

Second: What actions against a vulnerable group can do, positively and negatively

I will not go into detail, but most people will understand what I am referring too

I don’t trust ActiBlizz to provide anything particularly compelling or substantial with Ramattra’s setup. With that being said, it’s a damn fine setup. In anyone else’s hands, I’d say he has potential to be an intriguing, sympathetic villain. He’d be a good foil to not just the obvious suspects like Zenyatta or Tracer, but to characters like Lucio as well. I wouldn’t mind if they followed up Symmetra’s experience with the Shambali with an encounter with Ramattra, either. I wonder if there’s any small part of Reaper that might sympathize with Ramattra’s beliefs, after getting a glimpse of his original motivations in Code of Violence.

A shame, since OW lore gets about as deep as an inflatable pool, and we’re certainly not gonna get deep into philosophical/sociopolitical commentary so long as they wanna keep maximizing profits over there. But I really do like the concepts they’ve laid out for him.

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