Rally Counters Gravitic Flux

I play a lot of Brigitte and I’m happy to say that Rally is finally a defensive ultimate… at least against Gravitic Flux.

Sigma’s Flux deals -50% of your max health BUT it doesn’t include overheal. So if you Rally as soon as you hear the beginning of Het universum zingt voor mij, your teammates will have around 100 extra health to work with that isn’t accounted for by Flux’s percentage based damage.

So for a 200 health hero, you’d have 300 total health from the armor, but only take 100 damage from Flux. Pretty neat right?


Off-topic question that just occurred to me reading this: Does armour reduce the damage of Flux’s slam? We’ve never had an ability that does % damage before.

It still just does a hardcoded 50% of a heroes max hp. Effects that temporarily increase the max HP number like adaptive shields or rally don’t effect the damage done.

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Same goes for Sound Barrier or Trans.
Which is weird considering Lucio needs to hit the floor to use Sound Barrier but can still activate it in Sigma’s Ult… 15 feet in the air.

it does
at least with shields

It reduces half of the health including shield health for sound barrier.

I guess it doesn’t with rally since it always generate armor.

Hm thats odd. It does work on Lucio shields. Sounds to me like a potential bug. I will enjoy it as much as I can before it gets fixed then

It works as intended. It’s not a bug.

Lucio’s shields work the same as Rally armor. It’s just really hard to tell because Sound Barrier decays much faster so it’s difficult to know what’s the actual damage taken by teammates from flux and what’s the decay.