Raise the skill ceiling for Mercy

I’m not saying she needs to be a better healer than Ana, but she should be more engaging to play and not feel like a left-click healbot. I think something simple might be:

Caduceus Staff
-In addition to its other benefits, targets of the Caduceus Staff are immune to status effects (cannot be stunned, frozen/slowed, poisoned, hacked, discorded, slept, anti-healed). Does not apply to targets already under these effects (can only be used proactively).

This would slightly buff Mercy without increasing her healing amount, and allow good Mercy players to negate some of the above abilities with quick timing and foresight.

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I like where your minds at but that idea has SCARY implications. I’m just imagining a boosted genji/ soldier ult that can’t be slept, stunned, etc


Like this?

Edit: This thread has a more risky version of rez as an ultimate and a skillshot as an e-ability.

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The biggest problem I have with this is that it really pushes out charcters like Mei/Sombra/Ana who all use CC or some form of it to actually get value. Giving Mercy a way to stop it would COMPLETELY would hurt these charcters tremendously

Plus imagine not being able to counter certain ults like Genji because he’s immune to your CC.

It’s a good idea in theory but in execution I think this would a step in the wrong direction.


This completely.

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This isn’t raising her skill ceiling this is giving her a huge buff to make her dominate the other supports again… I can already see a Genji being pocketed by a Mercy while blading


That’s busted and it won’t raise her skill floor


How about removing her TF2 healing beam and replace it with an aim-based heal, with increased healing depending on the duration of the heals?


Now lets not get carried away please… aiming? that’s a fat no, we need mass rez that’ll raise the skill ceiling.

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inb4 uninterruptible pocketed targets.

We only just got mercy off the top slot for heals. I’d rather not give her THIS buff. Not opposed to others as i think the nerf we got while refreshing to not have mercy be the be all end all support, wasn’t in the right direction. But this idea gets a hell no from me.

Hey Hey now dude. We want it more “engaging”, not really more difficult.

Please, don’t say these things.

What if her healing beam healed more, the “straighter” her beam was

Give her like, 3 tiers of healing- one of the beam is bent heavily, basically if the beam is tethered- but mercy is looking around the opposite direction of her target- and the beam is bending 180

The have a second tier when the beam is curved only slightly- basically when the target is in the vicinity of the center of her screen, but she’s not aiming directly in them.

Then a third tier, whenever the beam is almost completely straight- Ie mercy is aiming straight at them.

This would raise her skill floor and ceiling- while giving players the satisfaction of “I’m working harder and getting rewarded for it” without being a mechanical change in the level of say Ana

This will take Reaper pocketing to a whole new level.

So like Symmetra 3.0? you know the one that makes her M1 pretty much worthless? yea not gonna work lol

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Do keep in mind syms beam has nearly half the range. Doesn’t lock on. Has ammo. And the very nature of using it to attack means she always has to position herself near an enemy to utilize it and puts herself in danger.

The mechanic would contextually be entirely different on mercy.

How is this increasing skill ceiling? It is a direct buff. It doesn’t change the way how she is played at all.

We should bring back remove Valkyrie then because that ultimate literally removes all her weaknesses making it a braindead ultimate that requires zero skill to use.

This is ridiculously OP. This is effectively a no cooldown Zarya bubble.

Just bring back 60 hp. Also, this buff you are suggesting is not slight. It is actually extremely huge.

Firstly, it isn’t hard to stick your beam onto someone. Secondly, if you use your beams when in Valkyrie, your whole team is basically immune to:

Could work, I think Mercy should be made to be a high skill hero though :slight_smile:

I like the concept (hell it’s basically what I advocate for but more OP)

But like others have said it has implications.
A better sollution would be to give her a new E that provides this kind of anti-CC buff for between 1 and 2 seconds (exact time dependant on testing)

Terrible idea. Absolutely terrible idea.

Yeah, by nerfing other heroes.

  • Take away McCree’s flashbang and he’s useless against mobile heroes.
  • Take aways Mei’s freeze and she I completely useless.
  • Take away Doomfist stuns and he can only use Rocket punch to deal with enemies.

This buff would make tanks invulnerable to any Form of CC. I can already see Roadhog becoming S-tier if his abilities and ultimates can’t be interrupted anymore. He would become unstoppable.

Also, does Mercy even need a buff.
And no, not being fun to play is not a valid reason for a buff.
Is she underperforming compared to other heroes of her class?