Raise the flag limit


After a certain few threads have popped up, I think we need to raise the flag limit

We obviously dont have enough


What is the current flag limit?


6 for every 24 hours period if you used them all up. Than you have to wait for this long to get more back I think.


I see. I’m sure the guy will be banned soon anyway. Also make Brigitte eat spaghetti


Just came here to flag this.


Yes I agree, these forums need more flags


Ha ha ha… I love you so much. You got under their skin so easily and it is almost sad that wordplay titles reveal the truth about a lot of these people.


If you need more than six flags in a single day then it’s somewhat questionable as to whether the content that you’re flagging is ultimately false flagging or not.


Not really. Sometimes it’s necessary, like when a troll decides to spam the forums with a ton of different threads.


The man himself already talked about this.

So, no, we ain’t gettin more flags until they can legally add more.