RaggTagg's new video that shows the armor nerf issue is enough for me


Reaper VS Orisa on the PTR. 2 headshots is enough to take out Orisa now and almost completely heal Reaper at the same time. 223 damage vs 180 on live. It was hard enough

This armor change is the wrong way to deal with GOATS.

As Jelly says - So much reward for so little effort.


That was always the case but when do all 20 pallets connect as a headshot in a real game without people standing still?

I agree this buff isn’t what Reaper needs. He needs mobility! Change SS into a leap so he can close gaps while still being able to take damage and he can still go to the highgrounds with it. (think of Winstons leap)

Reaper’s problem is getting in range. Not his selfheal


Discorded orisa dies to one headshot lol. Poor tank cannot even escape if reaper ever comes for her.


Yep, look at the other 2 close range dps (doomfist and tracer) and you’ll notice that every ability they have has mobility and they’re quick dive characters.


Blizzard logic now - “It’s not okay for a support to have a reasonable way to fight off flankers, but it’s completely okay for Reaper to hard counter the entire tank roster by himself.”


Better yet, turn it into a moira fade with slower movement speed, verticality (you can look straight up and fly towards high ground or a pharah), and longer duration.


I find it a little bit hypocritical that the devs said that they want hard counters and counters to be less impactful in the game; then the last few months they are just making sure that tanks and supports can’t hard counter DPS characters anymore, while at the same time making DPS characters into stronger hard counters against tanks and supports…


Against Orisa? 98.756% of the time. Same for D.Va.

It’s about 80% for other tanks.


Well the damage is ‘balanced’ since they want reaper to be a tankbuster… Not much different than a mcree rightclick or a hanzospam


This is why you shouldn’t watch raggtagg.


Buff his shot guns falloff is what they need to do.


Reaper has always been pretty good - at least since his life steal change. People just kept the old mind set of ‘reaper sucks, better not try’ though - just like with Symmetra. Those that gave him a chance are doing just fine.

However, in this case Blizzard seems to listen exclusively to crybabies that just wanna pick a 1 star hero and instantly dominate without putting any effort into it. This of course would ripple through the game and require further significant changes to other heroes, like Orisa. It’s called power creep. Oh well small indie company can be forgiven for not knowing how not to power creep.


you mean this?

orissa was always in a bad spot
after doomfist it is reaper.
yea tanking will be harder but
headshots are more rewarded on armor.
it will make the game more fast passed.


Orisa was always vulnerable to flanker and heroes who can bypass her barrier, Her DPS teammate should scare enemies away from her, if reaper just walked through her barrier and kill her then your DPS are bad because they didn’t shoot him, anyway with the armor nerf she will be more weak and vulnerable, she need a buff!!.


Yes this is true, since we are talking about a 1v6 here - Reaper vs Orisa + Team. Reaper does not have a team to support him and his move on Orisa ever since selecting Reaper rightfully locks out all other slots in the selection screen.