R.I.P Tanks, Brig, and Bastion 💔 This is unfair!



➤ Literally strong nerfs to every tank in game, and bastion, by decreasing armor effectiveness from -5 to -3. (Which are already in a pretty bad spot, by the way)

➤ D.Va’s defense matrix (which is her only ability that she can actually bring protection to her team) now nerfed, from 1 second to 2, which is a buff to literally every DPS in game, as D.Va won’t be able to bring as much DM uptime (unable to protect her teammates more often, and eat less ultimates, which is already pretty hard)

➤ Nerfs towards Brigitte, just because she’s lOw skIll hIgH REwArd and uNfuN To PlAY agaInst making her ultimate at least 80% less powerful, after they incredibly nerfed her total damage output by modifying her shield bash damage and it’s ability to go through shields.

➤ More nerfs towards EVERY TANK (which were already nerfed, by the way) by buffing Reaper’s lifesteal from 30% up to 50%. Which makes Reaper more frustating to deal with; also, now that also ARMOR was nerfed, it’s an incredibly big buff to Reaper (has his biggest counter was armor)

Total characters nerfed in this patch:

• Orisa, D.Va, Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt. (Roadhog and Zarya don’t have armor, but will be most likely to struggle against Reaper)

• Torbjorn (reduced effectiveness of Ironclad indirectly because of armor nerf)

• Brigitte (reduced efectiveness of ultimate in general)

• Bastion (nerfing armor brings down his personal defense. Note that he’s already in a pretty bad spot)

Something doesn’t seem right about this patch… :thinking:

Click me to go to the official patch notes!

My view of ptr changes, as a console scrub

you can barely tell the difference


Hog and hamster will still be good. Well good hamster players will still be good lol. Im sick of people claiming “D.Va can do everything better than hamster” with the likely rise in snipers, Hamsters will be swinging up and pounding them out like mario. Hog can still one shot reapers if you know how.


Am I blind? Where are these patch notes?


They also buffed the OG tankbuster. That is honestly the biggest nerf.




I can’t stand D.Va matrix and that nerf seems extreme. Why not try 1.5 seconds first?


Just woke up and haven’t turned on my gaming rig yet and saw the thread titles.

I won’t see the patch notes until i do the updates but wow, i hope they atleast lower the cooldown on fortify!


zarya, hog, and hamster all laugh at your pitful armor


Might be an unpopular opinion, but as someone who plays Brig, a large portion of tank mains hated Brig and helped get her nerfed pretty good. So you know what? At least with this latest nerf she wasn’t singled out, they basically dropped the nerf hammer on every tank. With that said yeah I’m glad they addressed every aspect of GOATs instead of just Brigitte.


As a support main I’m surprised they didn’t nerf healing.

Nerfing tanks with armor is just a really, really bad idea.

Typical Overwatch balancing though.

1 step forward, 2 steps back


Year of the offtank (excluding dva)


Interestingly the armor nerf doesn’t matter to reaper at his intended range because his damage gets cut in half by armor, and usually isn’t reduced by the normal number.


A comp I would design would be: Pharah, Mercy, Ana, WreckingBall, Zarya, (Insert hitscan here)

Zarya can bubble hamster as he goes in and destroys hitscans and retreat back to be quickly healed or boosted by ana. Pharah and mercy can run in uncontested and destroy the rest of those on the ground and combo ults with zarya and ana. Hitscan can help cover the damage and clean up along with countering any existing enemy pharah.


Defense matrix isn’t even an issue. D.Va is at best an peeling off tank. This nerf removes the last of her tanking ability… Blizzard is pushing her to be a fat DPS that feeds non stop.


At this point, she’s a fat ult-feeding underpowered hero…

… looks like she transformed into old Roadhog!


People honestly need to stop pretending DM has ever bad at any point in the last 2 years. It’s been one of the strongest abilities in the game since triple tank, I think many players just don’t use it properly or try to do too much with it.

The nerf is…annoying… but it’s not going to make Defense Matrix or D.va suddenly bad. She now does more damage against armor because of the nerf and she still has all of her mobility. Now there’s just a longer window where she can’t eat ults or catch important cooldowns.


Right? I mean, right? TANKS aren’t the problem, and if you want a tank it’s now NECESSARY to have a billion healers for sustain. Damage creep and heal creep have gone up exponentially creating this mess.


The most shocking thing about this patch is that healing wasn’t touched just armor. I’ll have to test these for myself but I do hope this is the end of goats for a while.


Indeed it is going to end GOATS, and tanks