R.I.P. Brigitte


Now Brig’s Ult armor degrades, and it’s weaker.

At least GOATs is dead.


You mean Brig cant pop her ult whenever she wants now without any consequences?



Honestly, as someone who plays a lot of Brig, I don’t think this change is a big deal. Rally should really only be used when the team is grouped up and pushing in. I don’t see this change affecting that situation. Plus with the increased healing she was recently given, she’s fine. I do wish she’d swing her mace a bit faster though. Would be a great buff to balance her out perfectly.


If you really played a lot of Brig you would know the increase to her healing was negligible in anything but edge cases. This is a big change because it means that any one who would have armour left for the next engagement doesn’t anymore. So there’s less protection on your other support(s) for the next enemy attack.


I totally agree with you, that guy does not play a dot with Brigitte …


Damn bois the swedish B**** isnt dead yet. Send in another nerf Jeff. We cant leave her alone until we hear the cries of the carried brig mains as they fall back down to <500 sr from their unrightful thrones in GM. #HoldingLeftClickIsntSkill #F***Brig


Edit 2:
They weren’t just carried, they were dragged to their ranks.


Friendly reminder that Brig has been nerved in almost every patch since her release. I almost start to feel bad for Torbs daughter :-/


I get the armor nerf being bad for her but how is her ult changed? She can still pop it right before a fight and give everyone armor. The other team won’t just give away 30 seconds so her team will have a big health advantage for that fight. Every ult has a timer. No ult just lasts forever.