Quit Overwatch | Mental Health

nuff said, its not about winning

I had a game where I went 0-17, spawn killed constantly by a Sombra, and I got flamed by my teammates… I took a break, logged back on, and switched roles, lol. Went 21-4 with my main man Roadhog and had a blast :smiley:

There’s no point in raging in video games

I get you, but that also means you dont get to celebrate the good parts or the high moments because, well, you’re numb from the bad ones.

You cant enjoy your climb because you know youll fall again.

Thats not a great way to live.

Not as large and quickly as OW2 has.

??? I mean if you compare OW2 to other Blizzard games then sure but it’s tiny compared to any of the top 10 averaging 100k - 1m views daily.

Eh idk about that. Millions of accounts sure, but people? I’d be surprised.

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No, but some people have no other choice, so when it comes to giving up the game entirely or lowering your expectations, the choice seems obvious. We all have limitations, some more than others, so either you can bang your fist on the table and blame everyone else for this or accept it and adapt

Cen you give some link to the statistics ?

Dumb take. As someone who’s played since 2016 and has hit gm every season since season 4, this game is bad. I play it bc im addicted and don’t like other games kinda like how league players will say they hate the game but keep playing but this game is objectively bad. From balancing to quality of life changes to updates to consistency it’s bad. If my experience as a person with 2000 hours and multiple top 500 seasons isn’t enough for you to think that the game is awful from a competitive stand point than idk, casually sure it’s fun but once you start trying to take the game seriously it’s bad which is not a good look for a game about competitive


Fair. I would rather the devs just do the right thing so we dont need to cope.

No one is happy. The games concept is great but implemented so poor.

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I also have a large list of things that I don’t like, but I am aware that the game has undergone a major change and new fixes are constantly being introduced to patch unforeseen negative consequences. I can see meny of you are reacting very emotionally, and my personal advice is that you take it easy and be a bit more rational and wait calmly for the next improvements.
When you cook dinner do you decide to throw everything in the garbage, before you finish cooking it, because it’s not what you want?

Ps. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about justifying the creators (who, by the way, I don’t even like because they are cheesy and lying) or the game itself, I’m just trying to show how you can improve your well-being a bit by making small changes in your approach

Almost every social media post about OW2 is negative, queue times have increased for all roles, Twitch views have dropped massively, none of the OW streamers that returned to play OW2 have continued playing the game, the forums are less active. Need I go on? All these little things hint towards a very big trend.


Yes, please I’m curious and want to read about it, unfortunately I have an exact mind and I need statistics to draw my own conclusions

So what is your response to everything I listed? Why would I go on if you can’t even address those first?

I’m interested in facts, not opinions. I won’t give you any reason to continue if you don’t feel like it

True. Everyone who created this big 'ol shiny floater has left. Even the creators had to leave - it kills anything good in people.

OW is about as toxic as the social media algorithms that cause good people to believe crap and hate other people - as long as they continue to stay on the social media platform.


So it’s not a fact that most content about OW2 is negative? Or queue times have increased? Or Twitch views have fallen? Or most old OW streamers quit OW2 shortly after release? Or the forums are less active?

There are all undeniable facts. Address them or stop talking.


For me, these are not facts, because I have no way to verify them. Until then, your posts are just your opinion to me

No. People with mental health issues or lack emotional and/or intellectual maturity to process adversity in a productive manner should not play any video game that requires team work, is goal oriented and competitive.

Correct, this is a video game - entertainment and for fun. It is not a life style, a vocation, a ‘way of life’. Healthy people use video games as recreation when they don’t have to do all the responsible things to keep their lives going. They play, they enjoy and move on. They are not any more emotionally involved in it than if they were watching an engaging movie at the theater.

If you feel this game is bad for your mental health - more than likely your mental health was already in a poor state and this game just exposed it. If not this game, then it would have been another game or adverse social interaction, or hard professional challenge. Key indicators of some mental health issues are a tendency for denial, blame shifting, confirmation bias, etc.

You should seek professional help. I hope you get better and find happiness in your life.

While you make good points. What you’re describing is a casual game. And its no secret there are players who treat it more than such.

I personally never experience the level of frustration in any other game, that i do in overwatch.

In a competitive environment there’s a goal to improve and progress and when external factors tend to affect those, one can feel “robbed” and experiencing that time and time again can take its toll.

I feel (in my opinion) this game has a similar “pull”, just like social media has these psychological techniques on dopamine releases, and playing with those is dangerous.

So i could see how a negative state could arise.

Thats why i hate this game but would still want to play it. I hate the system but expose myself to it.

One could argue it walks the line of being called an addiction.

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Well I don’t think anyone actually cares if they aren’t facts to you. They are facts to everyone, like it or not, that is what a FACT is so stop with the ignorance.

You can quite easily verify Twitch views, opinions of pro OW players and streamers, queue times in-game and the amount of posts on the forums. If you choose not to do so then you can’t sit here and claim no one has provided you with hard facts.