Quit Overwatch | Mental Health

Games will only be detrimental to the mental health of players if it’s the only game they play.

I realistically doubt it’s going to affect a lot of players if they switch between games if they’re not feeling like playing one.

And from your OP, you sound like a man who had a toothbrush mustache that liked to spread his opinions and force them onto people.

I feel like if you are good enough you will inevitably climb however I do also believe 100% it forces you into unfavorable matches to increase engagement. And it’s frustrating as anything I’ve ever experienced


The best part is when the team is divided onto two different voice channels during a comp match.

Yet people just keep coming back for more.

People playing this already have mental problems, so it’s too late. Or just enjoy pain.

Guess some people just love being treated harshly, like it’s some weird mental BDSM act to them.


It’s f2p, there is no soul in such games , only waifus beautiful skins for sale

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Mute text and voice chat. Problem solved.

Any “new” game will have a decline in population naturally. Forums are such a small percent of the player base and Twitch is still pretty high for views. I can guarantee that this isn’t anywhere near the majority of the player base. This isn’t copium either, it’s logic. There are still millions of people that play this game.

You sound vaccinated triple boosted. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you for your contribution. :joy:

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No problem!!! You’re welcome!!!

If you don’t have fun, stop playing. It’s that easy.
No one is forcing you to play.


Dude I get the whole thing about videogames, addiction and mental health but … for real, OW2 doesn’t have mechanics to force you to grind or gatekeeps you from content etc , how are people getting their mental destroyed by it? :thinking:

If it was an mmo, or something like that that clearly have grinding, time gatekeeps, gear checks, etc but good lord this one? Just complete the BP and move on. Play some Comp once in a while and chill.


Same goes for most games, tbh.

My psychologist calls WoW, Overwatch, these sorts of games that don’t value your time the gaming equivalent of junk food. They’re not good for your health but many people can use them in moderation. Blizzard then further exploits your attention for financial gain and, although they don’t have loot boxes, there are still RNG elements in the matchmaker that are addictive. Random opponents, wild swings in gaming experience, visual elements, hidden progression systems, matching you with players that have skins you might want, and making you win 5 games before you see your progress (with limited control of the outcome and matchups).

The opposite are games that do value your time and have clear ending and point where you put the game down and move on to something else.


They’re passing a rigged, fake rank, matchmaker off as a “competitive” mode. People come to play it, thinking it’s legit. But it’s like a rigged casino game. They are not told that their rank means nothing, and the teams will be created to sandbag you down every time you do well.

Now, unless we’re all in Nevada, that is illegal.


I agree with op.

I havent had a game have such a negative effect on me, as a result of poor match quality.

I guess you just gotta numb yourself if you want to keep going.

Boycott when?


This should be the case with everything in life. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do and just winning shouldn’t be what defines fun. I myself have a lot of problems with instability and the biggest weapon I have is rationalization. If a game negatively affects your mood, no matter what game it is, it is worth thinking about slowing down, taking a break or switching to a quieter or single player game. Blaming the creators (who, by the way, I don’t understand politics myself) for my own problems because they made the game interesting enough to engage me enough to wish it was better. Be patient, the game is developing, maybe it’s worth putting the game aside for a while and coming back in a month or two or when PvE comes out.

Hey I am vaccinated triple boosted and agree with the OP :smiley: