Quit Overwatch | Mental Health

This game is detrimental to people’s mental health in my opinion. Games are meant to be fun, and give you a sense of accomplishment and/or relaxation. Overwatch preys on your time and doesn’t respect its community in any aspect whatsoever. Ever since this game went to F2P it has become beyond toxic and abusive to its userbase beyond anything that could be considered respectable.

I would vote this is the worst AAA FPS title of 2022 & 2023, the biggest failure by a large company in its Genre ever. The entire team has failed its customers on every front and the damage is beyond repair. This game will NEVER be in a state where the majority of the community is happy, at least not while it’s any bit still relevant (if it even is now).

There’s no reason for you as a player to log onto something that cheats you at every opportunity, making you feel miserable 9/10 times you log in. I’m not just disappointed in this game, I’m disgusted by the individuals behind the scenes that are responsible for such an awful abomination.

Overwatch 1 at its lowest point was leagues better than the current product, there isn’t any realistic scenero that this game will ever be redeemed.

For your own sake, uninstall and move on. Blizzard and the team behind this game has not only given nobody any good reason to spend their valuable time here but also no reason whatsoever to have any faith things will change.

Stop logging in to be miserable, life is far to beautiful to waste your time on this failure. The entire team should just shut the servers down and move on, this game



Hummmmmm. I enjoy it.


You do realize that the complaints on Twitter, Forums and other avenues doesn’t represent the majority of the community? You’re taking your opinion and presenting it as a fact.

I’m personally enjoying this game a lot. The game isn’t perfect since no game will ever be perfect, but besides all its flaws its a great source of entertainment for me.


Why ?

what scam do you mean?

I’ll tell you a fundamental truth about the world - just because you think something is good or bad doesn’t mean it is. It is one thing to express your opinion and another to suggest other people what to do just because you are having a difficult time in your life. I believe that the Game is an excellent bemchmark of your cognitive and social abilities

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You sound like a Blizzard employee on an Alt account.


From the dates of your posts, I’m guessing that you’ve been playing for at least a year, and after that time, probably due to your own failures, you’re persuading others to remove the game… that makes sense, like an employee with the nickname White Sniffer. Well done

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I don’t care what you “think” I sound like. I have 2 accounts in Master & Grandmaster, I’ve have had a great deal of success in this game since OW1 beta.

When a product is bad, it’s bad. If you like it that much get off the forums and go on a loss streak with everyone else, we don’t care.


I can see that i will not overcome your self-righteousness. Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:

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Nobody here is behaving in a self-righteous manner, it’s the consensus.

Your ignorance and gaslighting won’t help this dying game. Improving your reading comprehension will greatly aid you in future conversations.



I actually think players could sue Blizzard, because the game itself is designed on purpose to FORCE you into these situations, because they believe that increases engagement.


I quit too. I love the game but the rigged match making has killing me. It’s not fair and bad for mental health. The game is just fun in qp with irl friends for short session (2h max). Forget everything else.


The game doesn’t force you into anything. You have complete control over your decision to play the game or not. If you aren’t mentally strong enough to deal with losing or aren’t able to deal with the negitive behaviour of others on an online game (I’m by no means saying that any toxicity is okay) then don’t play the game. Blizzard isn’t forcing you to do anything XD



I’m kind of old and don’t really play any other games anymore outside of occasionally getting addicted to Overwatch during certain periods. But I can’t remember any other game in the past having this kind of effect on my mood, even though I’ll acknowledge that I might have been a little bit obsessive about them too. I’m sort of suspecting that cognitive and behavioral aspects have a much more central role in the core design choices of Overwatch then players realize.


what is your region?

On a loss streak are you?

They $#@%ed with the match maker again the last few days without saying anything. It’s causing movement in the ranks.

It definitely has a positive feedback loop that even other shooters don’t have. Overwatch is like playing a FPS slot-machine.

It’s designed with all the lights and bells and whistles to engage your brain to keep playing. Over and over.

My favorite part is the delusional people who will come on here and lie about having any sort of fun. Their capacity to accept reality is so alarming if not the biggest red flag I’ve ever seen. Like some of you guys, enjoy actual abuse? That’s wild news to me. :joy:


I stopped caring about my rank and what characters people are playing and I started to be more chill sooooooooooooo it all depends on your own mentality tbh


I would say the decline in the game’s population, Twitch views and forums all point to the fact that the majority of people are not happy with this game.


I like the comment of executive producer on that (43:04) The Monetisation Debate feat. BLIZZARD DEVELOPERS - YouTube

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