Quickplay merge idea

why not split the quickplay button in 2 with the top half being quickplay role queue and the bottom half being quickplay classic. this will remove the need to navigate to the arcade menu while also freeing up a arcade slot for perm total mayhem

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That or we could just remove both Quick Play Classic and Total Mayhem permanently…

* Me versus Total Mayhem fans right now *

Realistically, I think it is a matter of time (a very long time though) before QPC is removed altogether because of the increased amount of chaos in that mode from the original Quick Play before Role Queue. As far as Total Mayhem goes…

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That day will be a horrible, terrible day indeed.


I and many others greatly prefer QPC as opposed to Role Queue Play (didn’t at the “Quick” since it is misleading)

Removing QPC would be the worst decision the devs could potentially make


I don’t play QPC myself but removing it would be horrible idea IMO. I think as long as people are playing it and there aren’t queue times it should remain. If queue times for it start getting up to the same as QP dps queue times then maybe consider removing it.

I don’t really support efforts to get Blizzard to endorse a non-core game mode by making it look like a core game mode. QPC was put in the Arcade for a reason. It’s not how Blizzard envisions Overwatch being played.

QPC should remain where it’s at and receive the same treatment as any other arcade mode :man_shrugging: Just as No Limits did. If it comes to the point that QPC isn’t receiving a lot of traffic and another mode might, then it should be cycled out. If it continues to receive traffic, it should stay. Simple as that.

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you can’t be serious

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If they get rid of Classic. Player base will drop dramatically. 2-2-2 isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is. Matchmaking is horrible in 2-2-2 especially Competitive.

This is probably true, I myself try QPC every now and then and find the queue times to be about average between my role queue times. I think though the behavior problems I observe in that mode are concerning though. Right now, I can say I think it will be quite sometime before any changes do happen to that mode, but I am just predicting in the long term.

Again long term outlook. And while those who are against 2-2-2 tend to be vocal, I have seen evidence that Role Queue is actually generally accepted among the community overall.

What “behavioral problems” do you mean exactly?

Abusive chat tends to increase and the old complaints about no tanks or no healer are exemplified (the whole reason why Role Queue was introduced). I once played a game as Pharah in QPC recently and dominated the opposite team because they did not balance out with the right tanks to form a front line with, what followed was very toxic match text chat.

Again these are my observations and speculation and don’t have enough research done to confirm the mode is in fact in a worse state than old Quick Play before role queue.

My personal experience resembles yours. While I do find that there is still a decent amount of 2-2-2 in QPC, a lot of it is… start the game as 2-2-2, then get rolled because we don’t have a barrier tank, so our support switches to DPS because “nothing’s dying,” then a tank leaves and gets replaced by a DPS… etc etc. It’s a big cluster. Or, start the game as not 2-2-2, then get rolled and bring in the tanks and supports toward the end of the match, hold, but the snowballing is too strong and we lose anyway.

It’s not a very enjoyable experience. That’s not to say there aren’t enjoyable matches altogether, but the suck matches suck wayyyy more than anything in QP, which was one of the driving motivators behind RoleQ in the first place–to elevate the minimum quality of games :man_shrugging:

Agreed, being forced to 2v2v2 isn’t something I always enjoy, sure matches are “balanced”, but many of times the decreased variety just kind of bores me.

Talking about QPC, not RQP.

Role Q wasn’t implemented solely on the idea of having tanks each match.

This happens no matter what gamemode you’re in though. People are toxic and hate losing. You have terrible tanks in RQP, nothing has change.

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Or better yet: how about we don’t do OPs idea and leave QPC in the arcade where it belongs?

Why not go with their idea? It only serves to benefit the game

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I see no problem with this. This would let achievements be earned in the mode again, which I feel should never have been removed from it

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if you’d ask me i’d put every event thing into the arcade so you can earn event lootboxes all year round and also having access to the game modes themselves.

every other mode can be relegated to custom game modes. free for all death match, capture the flag, mayhem, quickplay classic, all custom games.

that will be a very, very dark day for Overwatch.

QPC is by far my most favorite and most played mode, with no close second

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