Quickplay Ethics Cheatsheet: 10 Tips



just a joke. That is what the /s was about :slight_smile:


LOL. I’ll leave and i’ll leave often. If the people within the round refuse to coordinate or play properly. Then they can endure that mess. That doesn’t mean i have to.
I always play seriously. If you can’t get a pick or refuse to switch off the hero your playing because you are too stubborn? That’s again, not my problem. #ImdippingoutofQP


Agree with everything but this. If I went healer but NOBODY is peeling or protecting me? … Not gonna just endure. I’ll go play something I can enjoy instead of being heal slave to 5 scattered feeders. There is a point where if my team just isn’t trying I’m no longer obligated to support them.


What if your house is burning down?

“Yeah, I don’t care if I die, as long as my SR doesn’t.”

  • It is NOT OK to leave. Ever.
  • It is NOT OK to leave. Ever.

Blizzard says otherwise, a %75 reduction in xp shows just how much they care about leavers

  • It is NOT OK to treat it as “deathmatch”
  • It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you play the match seriously

This is contradictory, if 5 people are DPS how can anyone honestly say the team is taking the game seriously when deathmatch is exactly how he game is played when its a dps stack.


Ya i dont heal 5 dps they can find heath packs. Same goes for 5 dps and i picked tank. I dont tank for dps only.


uh… …so … wait… not following.
A punishment for leaving says that they… DO … care about leaving? which is what the OP said.

and Deathmatch is about killstealing and securing the last hit. Not objectives. if you ignore objectives to chase down people JUST to secure the kill you’d be playing it like deathmatch.

6 DPS can win, but it’s not only from killing, they gotta be on/defending the objective too, can’t be running off to secure a kill.


If a %75 xp reduction is “punishment” then few would do it.

People dont care, they would rather deal with a reduction than deal with what they perceive as a crappy game.


That’s people not caring. Not blizzard though, there is a punishment that is meant to deter those from doing it. Whether or not it’s effective is another matter.


it’s really hard to fight the urge to leave when you pick tank or healer and the deeps can’t kill anybody :slight_smile:

not gonna lie it gets the best of me and i quit sometimes :slight_smile:


I am going to tell you to go pound sand on that one. If I am the solo healer and the rest of the team playing like garbage, then I will switch to something else and have fun.

You cannot heal stupidity, not can you protect stupidity from itself.

If I join a match and see 5 other DPS locked in, I’ll be the sixth. Just because the team has already told me they want to lose by their team composition - so I’ll going down in a blaze of glory with them.

I’ll play my absolute best effort to any game where the team as a whole are playing to win. But when the team is hard/soft throwing - I won’t put forward any effort if it is quick play.


No it is NOT okay to “choose any role you want”.


Umm who are you exactly?


Fixed all this for ya OP.

  1. No. You owe your tanks and supports some time tanking and supporting so they can play DPS. You don’t get to only do the fun role forever, that’s selfish. There are probably enough people who want to support that you can mostly avoid supporting, but you need to tank. Almost nobody wants to tank.
  2. Yes, but you need to switch off if you are not contributing anything. So you can play Sym, but please switch if you are getting owned. I’d ask the same thing of a meta hero.
  3. Agree.
  4. Agree.
  5. Agree.
  6. Disagree. Anyone else can go healer at any time. It’d be nice to mention if you are switching off, but that’s it.
  7. Agree.
  8. Agree.
    9/10. Mostly agree. Leaving is bad, but I think leaving occasionally when truly miserable might preferable to, say, becoming super toxic. Don’t leave much, I guess - but if the round is going horribly and you are about to start shouting at your team, leaving might be preferable to that.


I disagree with 6, 9, and 10. Even in QP sometimes you have to leave. It happens.

Also, if solo healing isn’t working sometimes it’s time to try something else-- anyone else (like you for example) can switch to a healer if you are concerned with lack of heals. No one is locking themselves into a hero or role at any time in QP. Sorry to tell you!


lol f that. I tried to heal, the team refuses to group up/ do any type of coordination or act rude then I’m switching.


Also, if the solo heal is switching off in QP, it’s probably not for fun. Either your DPS section is useless and they think they could do better (as sad as it is to have 5 DPS and think they’re all terrible, I have been there), or you desperately need a tank and they’re hoping someone else will heal while they tank. Either way, the team is a dysfunctional mess.


“QP sucks because no one is serious
“Comp sucks because everyone is too serious