Quickplay Ethics Cheatsheet: 10 Tips


For those wondering how to behave in QP, here is a list of what’s ok and what’s not.

  1. It is OK to choose any role you want. Even 5 or 6 DPS
  2. It is OK to choose off meta heroes
  3. It is NOT OK to treat it as “deathmatch”
  4. It is OK to not use a mic
  5. It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you play the match seriously
  6. If you went solo healer, it is NOT OK to switch to another role
  7. It is OK to not group up
  8. It is NOT OK to throw
  9. It is NOT OK to leave. Ever.
  10. It is NOT OK to leave. Ever. (Repeated for emphasis)

Enjoy your time in QP!

Note: Don’t read me your “rights” to do what you want. You have the “right” to even quit a comp game. This is about ethics, which means it’s about what you “should” or shouldn’t do. Not what you CAN do.


If my friend and I wanna joke around with each other, we can. If she wants to pocket me as McCree, she can. If I want to pocket her as Bastion, I can.

Real Life issues > a silly quick play match.


This thread is about ethics, not about what you “can” do. Your friend “can” pocket you as McCree in comp as well. And you “can” leave in comp too. No one is stopping you.

There is a difference between what you “can” do and what you “should” do.

This thread is about the latter, not the former.


Dont tell me how to play the game I bought /s


This, this, this.

Sure, it is indeed ok to practice a new hero or to do weird team comps, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate like normal by ignoring the map’s objective. It’s unfair on those who use Quick Play as their default mode to play.


If i pick a healer and my team picks 5 dps, i will pick the 6th dps.


I seriously hope this is a troll post…

You can’t possibly be taking the match seriously if you chose the fifth DPS, didn’t group up and only used you mic to yell at the solo healer for switching because they were bored.


That’s fine, as long as you didn’t start the match already knowing that there were 5 DPS. But if you willingly choose to go healer with 5 DPS, then you should stick to that role.


But ethically, it IS 100% okay to have fun. It is okay to not be playing seriously. And ethically, it IS okay to leave sometimes.


Why? Why can’t they play what they want, but you can?


Perhaps I shouldn’t pick healer in the first place then.


On the other hand, Real Life issues < a serious Competitive match.


Well, obviously if your house is on fire, it’s ethical to leave. In that situation, it’s ethical to leave a comp game as well.

Correct. Because by choosing healer in the first place, you let your team think that there was a healer in the match. To switch suddenly in the middle without telling anyone that you switched is a problem.

If however, you can communicate your decision to switch and give fair warning to everyone, that’s ok. But since this is QP and I’m on console, there is no way to communicate that information.


Depends on the issue.


Exactly :wink:


I think you made a mistake. There are only 3 rules:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Don’t be a jerk [including but not limited to telling others how to play a game that they paid for; for emphasis]


Rule 5 contradicts with rule 7.


Your house better be either flying in a tornado or underwater though.


Nope, if i see no tanks i don’t heal, i usually pick Mei, i can practice her without pressure that way.


It’s QP. If I see a friendly enemy riding the coaster I’m Blizzard World, I’m joining them. I’m playing the game how I want, and you can leave the match if you don’t like it.