Quickplay and Comp Disabled on PTR?

How are we supposed to test the new changes exactly?

Comp has never been active on ptr. As far as QP goes, i’m not sure what happened to it.


Arcade using no limits also custom games and the practice range. i dont know the exact reason why qp isn’t allowed but the devs have reasons. :slight_smile:

Id like to have QP back there. Its funny playing 6v6 Baptiste matches, but nobody wants to do a real comp, so its hard to test what he actually does.
I imagine thats the reason.
They dont have him solid yet so they dont want people to get used to him in a real team comp.

i assume they want to stress test the character by…making people play him before live

We’re testing some under the hood changes on the PTR that affect the matchmaker. These changes are only enabled in the Arcade. We needed to put load on Arcade modes to load the matchmaker.

Quick Play will be up soon. In the meantime, you can join a custom game.

Thanks for your patience.


Support’s do take a lot of work… Keep up the good work under the hood.

Sweet, thanks for the quick response.

Improving the matchmaker? Nice!

Hopefully things are looking like you guys were hoping for in regards to results.


Any Junkrat news :sob: Sorry to change the subject.

Role que? 20 characters

(>:C) what do we say about being offtopic

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Anything else going on under the hood? That you can tell us, of course.

I’m that desperate for some Junkrat info right now.:frowning:

you will wait your turn!

Sigh… fine…

You mean the ptr isn’t just for balance changes like forums think they’re supposed to be…what a shock!!!

this is why the devs don’t like talking to us, we turn to children when they talk, if they say something relevant to what you want to ask, then you …NICELY

Have a nice day. I hope those are making matchmaker faster.

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Man I hope so. At least for Comp Mode. It’s the only way I’m coming back to this game.