Quickplay and Comp Disabled on PTR?

…i assumed you actually read his post…

I don’t want to seem pushy, but could you let us know about things like this beforehand? People get confused when you leave out a feature as big as quickplay, and you’ll find us more understanding than you’d think, even with an explanation as vague as “under-the-hood changes”. Thanks :grin:


Could you simply add an arcade mode called Quickplay that runs with Quickplay rules? That would add load as well as giving people a way to test in quickplay features.

Any chance you can elaborate on what the changes are and if such changes will affect core modes like Quick Play and Competitive?

Based on the fact there is no front facing changes from what I see, my guess is to open up better matches with regional matchmaking in some ways.

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Is there any word for symmetra?

I think we might get answer pretty soon. Stylosa said that he has second part of interview with Jeff ready to upload. And it will be about matchmaking, role queue etc.

Oh yes and I am looking forward to that video being uploaded. Still I was a tiny tad bit curious. Based on recent complaints I’ve been seeing of players not able to even play Practice vs AI anymore, it’s starting to make me wonder if they’re not opening up the window on matchmaking for certain modes.

And yes that could mean you could be facing against players of a very different skill level from yours.

I was gunna go with “was it intentional to slap Symmetras viability against armor into the dirt or was it just a happy accident for yall?” But urs is more likely to get a response i suppose…

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Nice, I hope it improves the accuracy of matchmaking. I don’t care if the matches take longer to find if it means both teams genuinely have a relatively balanced chance of winning.

Custom games with comp rules are the only way to test him in good condition.

Thanks for the awesome new hero, my dude.

i do not notice any difference in terms of matchmaking on PTR

Hope you guys are fixing Competitive. Maybe 2-2-2 as well

I hope they are big ‘under the hood’ changes. There are A LOT of negative things happening with matchmaker… dont really want to go into details, because I hope you already know what they are… But I do know there are certainly better ways of going about it than it does currently. TBH a good matchmaking system should be able and comfortable of being honest and straight forward to all its players in how it works.

I don’t know why this emote is making me laugh so much like what the hell

why thank you, the angry face emoticon is always a good one

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A few modes are available on Arcade so you can test the news changes there.

As far as the Quickplay is concerned, maybe you’re new to the PTR experience but whenever a new hero is released, people usually leave the game if they don’t manage to select said “new hero” at the beginning.

In the end, it becomes impossible to test anything in QP as the game usually fails to start and when it does, it’s barely ever a 6 VS 6 match, so Arcade is just fine for PTR, even though it looks like a Baptiste deathmatch mode :p… At least people don’t leave there ^^ !

Arcade has matchmaking?

Oh, I sincerely hope this means you guys are looking at Arcade game-mode rotations as well? As it stands, modes like 6v6 elimination are almost never in it, and Low-grav/1v1 are there all the time (daily slot.)

This is my biggest concern when it comes to returning to Overwatch right now. I want to come back, but my frustration with never having my 2 favourite modes in the arcade makes it unlikely.

You probably won’t see my post, but if someone around the office does…please bring it up. I’m done being mad about it since I haven’t played in weeks, and I’m a bit afraid this recent developer interaction is only giving me false hope.

This issue might seem really tiny, but I feel Arcade is a hugely overlooked aspect of the ‘fun’ side of Overwatch.

Thanks for reading…if you did. :vulcan_salute:

Edit: Could you guys have put a map-specific mode in the arcade? This would give people proper compositions while putting load on the arcade.

Just a thought.

Edit 2: 6v6 elimination is in the daily slot…for the second time in a week. This hasn’t happened for months.

If it has been fixed, that’s awesome and I’m tempted to come back. I’m just afraid it’ll go back to being broken soon.

Well, maybe I’ll re-install today if it works out…geez I’m fickle; will probably give it some more time.